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Reyga, Part 2: Revolutions

by Kevin Jaeger, Staff Writer

5th August 2008

To play this deck, you need to abandon what you think you know about playing a deck. Some things will be the same, but others will be entirely different. This will not be easy. You must learn to go beyond flawless technique and ABC strategy and learn improvisation. This deck has tricks, but you will not always use them. This deck has a general strategy, but you will not always need it or use it. The deck does not move as quickly as you think it should, but that does not mean it doesn't work.

You only need find a way to put Rule of Acquisition #33 and/or two other rules under your Ferenginar. If you do the former, then you must have Rom in play and two rules cards in hand. The beauty is, Rule #76 allows you to put them into play for a bit, then bounce them to your hand when the time comes to attempt missions! You can get Rule #33 underneath Ferenginar using a myriad of techniques, such as 'the direct method' (Quark), 'the indirect method' (the Ferengi Whip), or 'the semi-direct method' (Zek). In any case, when you attempt the mission, you can make Rom swap that Rule #33 with two rules from hand, which sets up Reyga for the hurt. If you have a handful of Rules and at least one is another Rule #33, Rom can do his trick several times to get them all underneath. He truly is a professional at what he does.

The Ferengi Computer provides additional cheating power, and when it or the Ferengi Whip are beneath Ferenginar, Gaila can sell them to get you four more counters. Just don't sell any more than one Ferengi Whip, because you will need two to complete Kressari Rendezvous for 40 points. Speaking of cheating, if you really want to, you *could* just play the Rule #33 straight up to get past whatever dilemma you are facing after you've swapped to get those two Rules under Ferenginar. It really is a sweet deal. Reyga nullifies the set-up such as Chula: The Chandra or Caretaker's Guests, The Ferengi Computer prevents another random stop, then the Rule #33 handles whatever wall your opponent throws. Its frickin' sweet!

But why stop there? Feds have been using Brunt for years. Why not return the favor and splash earth for just one or two guys? Yes, let's splash Kirk and McCoy. So that gives us a wall-nuking Kirk and a non-wall nuking Kirk wanna-be. Your opponent's dilemma pile just got a lot less effective.

To summarize, you get the people you want into play with Call of the Nagus. You set yourself up with Quark. You move the chess pieces into place with Rom (a strategy I call the Rom shuffle and take full idea credit for creating). Then you just pick your dilemmas to destroy with Reyga. As the game goes on, just keep feeding the bank (Ferenginar) with Zek, Ferengi Whips, and more Calls of the Nagus. Use Ishka to manage your account.

There are a lot of dilemmas that Reyga can nuke. I don't really need to go into them all, but there are a lot, and most of them are worthy targets. Consider Chula: the Chandra, The Dreamer and the Dream, Agonizing Encounter, The Caretaker's Guests, Gorgan and Back to Basics, just to name a few.

Now spread the word and don't get distracted looking at the woman in the red dress.



Ferenginar (Financial Hub)
Earth (Cradle of the Federation)
Geological Survey
Kressari Rendezvous
Encounter at Farpoint

Draw Deck (57):

1 Emergency Transport Unit
2 Ferengi Computer
3 Ferengi Whip

3 Call of the Nagus
3 Rule of Acquisition #6
3 Rule of Acquisition #16
3 Rule of Acquisition #18
3 Rule of Acquisition #33
3 Rule of Acquisition #76

2 Reyga (Young Ferengi Scientist)
2 Quark (True Ferengi)
2 Rom (Professional Soldier)
2 Ishka (Moogie)
2 Brunt (FCA Liquidator)
2 Nava
1 Birta (Helpful Dai'Mon)
1 Gaila (Arms Dealer)
1 Kol
1 Nog (Bar Owner)
1 Taar (Bristling Dai'Mon)
1 Zek (The Grand Nagus)
2 James T. Kirk (Living Legend)
1 Leonard H. McCoy (Remarkable Man)
1 Dukat (Pah-Wraith Puppet)
1 Goval (Follower of The One)
1 Jadzia Dax (Soldier of Fortune)
1 Julian Bashir (Rebel Captain)
1 Persis (Loyal Daughter)
1 Tolian Soran (Renegade Scientist)
1 Tuvok (Coldly-Logical Soldier)

2 Mercenary Ship
2 Fortune
1 Audit's Spoils

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