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The Very Flower of Humanity

by Maggie Geppert, Next in Line

10th October 2017

Mirror Kirk kept control of his ship in the Mirror Universe by any means necessary, including torture. He uses the Agonizer to maintain control on his ship.  You too can keep your preeminent crew members in your attempt using this piece of equipment, one of many from the latest Second Edition expansion, The Nth Degree.  Say a subordinant (an [AU] [Pa] personnel) is trying to take over the ship (i.e. your best [AU] [Pa] personnel is about to be stopped by a dilemma).  Keep your grip on power by putting the subordinant in the Agonizer (stop them) to prevent the other stop. 


I wonder how history would have played out if Cochrane hadn't turned the tables on your invasion force. Humans might be your slaves instead of the other way around.

                                                                                    -Jonathan Archer from "In a Mirror, Darkly"

I really enjoy playing Mirror Starfleet.  I find their flavor of getting bonuses for having no cards in hand to be particularly intriguing and I've been looking for an excuse to play them again.  This is an achievement deck, going for "Everything's...alternate!"  That's why there are so many [NA] [AU] personnel in this deck.  I'd have put in a few normal universe Starfleet personnel otherwise.  As it stands, Brennan Scott, D'Vela, Trip and T'Pol are probably the standout personnel in the deck.

You want to do Jupiter, Test Experimental Engine first and then Investigate Refinery so you can play Accumulated Knowledge cheaply late game.  You'll want to use Optimism to get stuff out of your hand and under your deck if it takes awhile to get out the Starship Defiant.  And I've added in some Delphic Expanse missions and Trellium-D to maximize my use of, oh, wait, ummmm, never mind!

Look over there!  Squirrel!

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This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:


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8U55•Earth, Humanity's Home
22V29•Investigate Refinery
12U42•Secure Strategic Base
37V15•Alpha 5 Approach, Transport Crash Survivor
50V9•Vintaak System, Seize Tactical Advantage

Draw Deck (49)
41V42x •Agonizer
10R232x •A Sight for Sore Eyes
49V122x Change of Venue
12U282x •Optimism
13U311x Predicament
13C412x •Watch Dog
13R422x Brutal Experiments
1R1271x Escape
22V212x Lustful Distraction
13U432x Standard Punishment
5P331x •Benjamin Sisko, Outlaw
13C941x •Julian Bashir, Rebel Captain
41V251x •Molly O'Brien, Time's Orphan
26V451x •Obrist, Temporal Tactician
13R961x •Slar, Gorn Slave Master
40V421x •Zefram Cochrane, Breaking History
13C1033x Brennan Scott
13C1042x •Charles Tucker III, Competent Engineer
14C1083x D'Vela
13C1062x •Hoshi Sato, Empress
13R1071x •Jonathan Archer, Covetous Commander
14C1091x •Kelby, Industrious Engineer
13C1081x Logan Black
13C1091x •Malcolm Reed, Enthusiastic Major
13R1101x •Maximilian Forrest, Confident Captain
13R1112x •Phlox, Sadistic Physiologist
13U1121x •Soval, Idealist
13R1141x •T'Pol, Not a Slave
13U1151x •Travis Mayweather, Opportunistic Sergeant
13R1222x •I.S.S. Enterprise, Terran Flagship
8R1201x •Shuttlepod Two, Landing Craft
24V542x •Starship Defiant, Ripe for the Taking
Dilemma Pile (28)
29V11x Adopted Authority
4C61x Back Room Dealings
10R61x Contaminating a Culture
21V21x Dark Page
4C151x Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
33V31x Indecent Proposal
24V61x Insurrection
14C71x Moral Choice
2C201x Racial Tension
2C251x Timescape
5P33x Tragic Turn
31V121x Unconventional Consideration
10U51x Compassionate Interference
8C81x Cultural Differences
1S331x Kolaran Raiders
14U81x Neurogenic Field
21V61x Pillage and Plunder
1C441x Planetary Survey
1C571x Triage
1S171x Command Decisions
38V21x Covert Extraction
14U91x Night Terrors
13C172x Reflections
21V91x The First Duty
8C191x Warp Bubble Mishap

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