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There is a New Power Rising!

by Michael Shea, Prefect

19th October 2017

New Power RisingThere are scenes that stick with every Star Trek fan, scenes that come to define pivotal moments in character arcs or the stories that we love. Deep Space Nine was filled with so many of those now iconic moments. Garek and Tain shaking hands at the apparent beginning of a renewed and ominous relationship. The Deep Space Niners. Kor's last stand. Vedek Yasim shouting, "Evil must be opposed!" before martyring herself. Bother Bennie breaking down in simultaneous defiance, pride, anger, and heartbreak. Sisko erasing that entire personal log. Old Jake sacrificing himself to save his father, and the boy that died inside so many decades before. But, one my favorites has always been Dukat, Damar, Weyoun, and a contingent of Jem’Hadar walking onto the promenade of the newly “liberated” Terok Nor. It’s a powerful image and one of the most important events depicted in the entire Dominion War story arc - but also one that showed the Deep Space Nine viewer that this really wasn't the Trek of TNG anymore while setting the tone for the entire first third of the next season, if not the rest of the series as a whole. It was spectacular. Now, [TN] players have a tool at their disposal that may help them achieve similarly spectacular victories. I won’t lie – I’m thrilled to introduce: New Power Rising.

There was perhaps no affiliation or faction that benefited more from Phase II than Terok Nor. The dilemma mill strategy hinted at by Tenuous Alliance (a good idea before its time) gave [TN] a unique and powerful weapon that also fit in nicely with their story. Dilemma mill, and supporting cards like Undermined Defenses; Untapped Influence; and Nasin, Following Orders, helped [TN] players overcome the relative skill-poverty of their personnel and their extreme vulnerability to dilemmas like An Issue of Trust or Personal Duty. And, [TN] dilemma mill also solved a meta problem: players favoring super-thin All Consuming EvilTragic Turn piles or Tillman piles would need to think twice now that a build existed that could rob them of ten or more dilemmas and make their opponent’s personnel immune from random selection. But, without an engine to help navigate the necessarily larger draw-deck, the build still felt a bit clunky. New Power Rising was designed to address that reality by giving the faction a thematic way to turn those removed dilemmas into counters, and help jump-start the point scoring. It also fit the theme of pushing limits as it will be the first draw/counter engine to key off dilemmas removed from the game as opposed to points or cards in play.

The deck included here is designed to take full advantage of that new tool. Every verb in the deck is included to help feed off or into the dilemma mill strategy in order to maximize the benefit. The deck foregoes the inclusion of the near-auto-include Ruling Council in favor of Untapped Influence, with the hopes that this will be sufficient to power the [TN] crew or away-team through attempts in a meta that increasingly favors bouncing dilemmas or skill-tracking. The old Peak Performance trio of Dukat, Weyoun, and Odo are still here though, in part because of their download abilities and in part because Dukat and Weyoun still provide for some defensive control, as does Inevitable Triumph. There’s some fun with the new Keevan and the Universal Translator too, to help defend against Gomtu or those kill-piles if the conditions for Undermined Defenses haven’t yet been met. The dilemma pile is a standard attrition pile built to withstand the effects of Tenuous Alliance, and with a couple of Back to Basics thrown in to help recycle your draw deck and help increase the odds that you won’t run out of cards for Undermined Defenses or Nasin.

Whether you use this deck or not, if you play Terok Nor, or where ever inclined to do so, I hope you'll see the usefulness of this card, and enjoy playing it as much as we designers enjoyed creating it.

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This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:


Print DecklistPrint ChecklistCopy DeckDownload Into DeckPADD

3U96•Mouth of the Wormhole, Terok Nor
36V16•Betazed, Occupy Homeworld
1U165•Evacuate Colony
37V15•Alpha 5 Approach, Transport Crash Survivor
26V24•Penetrate Enemy Lines

Draw Deck (50)
41V61x •Keevan
41V91x •Universal Translator
41V113x New Power Rising
17V373x Tenuous Alliance
31V213x •Undermined Defenses
31V233x •War of Attrition
33V243x Inevitable Triumph
31V263x Untapped Influence
31V291x •Kira Nerys, Grudging Ally
31V301x •Nasin, Following Orders
0VP2042x •Odo, Bajoran Representative
3R1411x •Damar, Useful Adjutant
22V333x •Dukat, Cardassian Representative
3U1461x •Mavek, Science Officer
31V311x •Revok, Eager Ally
31V323x Edan'Atal
31V332x •Founder Leader, Intergalactic Warlord
3C1653x Rak'tazan
31V341x •Rayva, Bureaucratic Ally
3C1683x Tozara'Kesh
22V353x •Weyoun, Dominion Representative
3S2021x Jem'Hadar Attack Ship
25V531x •Subek'somac, Alpha Attack Ship
0VP1883x •Tenak'talar, Vanguard of the Occupation
Dilemma Pile (40)
11P12x Accelerated Aging
29V12x Adopted Authority
0VP1112x An Issue of Trust
0VP1012x Back to Basics
41V22x Dereliction of Duty
30V41x Discommendation
1S252x Equipment Malfunction
0VP92x Hard Time
26V42x Intimidation
0VP1673x Moral Choice
18V52x Polywater Intoxication
0VP1642x The Weak Will Perish
0VP632x Timescape
40V92x Weight of Command
13C11x Aftereffects
38V62x Journey to the Past
0VP1142x Necessary Execution
1C561x Trabe Grenade
12R42x Distress Call
1R421x Personal Duty
13C161x Preventative Repercussions
0VP902x Where No One Has Gone Before

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