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I Gave You a Hint Last Time

by Maggie Geppert, Vice Chairman

30th October 2017

Hazardous Materials

OK, so I was kind of naughty in my last article.  Normally when you get little hints about future cards in articles, it's because those cards will be revealed later in the set.  Well, I sort of took it an extra step, into the next set.  I had seen the cards from Dead Stop, and I found this little gem, Hazardous Materials. 

As I was building a Mirror Starfleet deck, it just seemed natural to include three Trellium-Ds in my deck to use with this card.  I had already put in two Delphic Expanse missions which are fairly easy for Mirror Starfleet to complete.  Those missions bring the cost to play the equipment down to zero. This means that for the cost of drawing those pieces of equipment, you could get three kills from a three cost dilemma.  That's incredible! 

Oh yeah, and if you have whittled down enough people, you can also Damage their ship.  While Engineer, Medical and Security or Anthropology, Navigation and Officer are fairly common skills for most affiliations, you could get lucky. This particular iteration of this idea punishes a person for playing all those juicy equipment cards that just came out in Nth Degree.  In fact, there are only two pieces of equipment it doesn't work against, Bat'leth and The Earring of Li Nalas.

One final note on this dilemma; it is one of those rare Damage dilemmas that doesn't stop your whole crew.  One of the things that has always been difficult in Second Edition is blowing up an opponent's ship, since you need three Damage markers to do it.  Most Damage dilemmas stop your whole crew, so you usually only can get one on a ship during a mission attempt.  If you want to blow them up on your next turn, you have to have two ships and two Maneuver events out to do so.  (Yes, there are ways around this.) You can follow this dilemma up with something like V'Ger or Gomtuu Shockwave and get two Damage markers during one attempt.  This means you'll only need one ship and Maneuver to finish off your opponent's ship on your next turn.

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