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Worlds 2018: Time and Place in Space.

by Kenneth Tufts, Director of Organized Play

4th November 2017

Hello everyone,


Worlds 2018 will return to another fabulous vacation destination, Australia.

Worlds 2018 will be held on October 11th to 14th at Good Games Burwood located in the suburbs of beautiful Sydney Australia.

I hope many of you may take this opportunity to visit an amazing country, with some amazing hosts in the Australian players.  Take some extra time and explore the land down under, visit the Sydney Opera house, take a day and go to the blue mountains, or visit many of the amazing zoo’s and animal sanctuaries where you can see many unique and marvellous critters.  



Now the good news is out of the way a little aside because I am aware that to some this may be a controversial decision.

I know every one wants Worlds in their own back yard, that’s why the CC instituted the World’s rotation between the three primary continents with players to try and move it around closer to players that can not travel as far as some do.  After much thought and consideration I decided there is not yet as many are calling for, (to have it in their back yard more often), reason to discontinue this policy.  So while I’m sure some people may object to this location it is my firm belief that to not continue the rotation at this time would be a slight to our Australian players.  This was and is my decision as the Organized Play Director and I stand by it, I will not give up on any one player base to benefit another, and I believe that world wide Trek is better for this choice.





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