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So, I'm a New/Old First Edition Player, Deep Space 9 Edition

by Maggie Geppert, Vice Chairman

14th November 2017

When I first took command of this post, all I wanted was to be somewhere else - anywhere but here. But now, five years later, this has become my home, and you have become my family. And leaving this station, leaving you, is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do -... - No victory can make this moment any easier for me. And I promise, I will not rest until I stand with you again, here... in this place where I belong.

                                                                                    - Benjamin Sisko from “Call to Arms”

Combined Task Force

In this series, I will show off some beginner level decks that people have sent to me.  Today’s deck is Bruce Parrish’s Combined Task Force deck.  Apparently, it’s rather difficult to find a beginner-friendly [Fed] [1E-DS9] deck, simply because Deep Space 9 (the show) was all about the station.  In First Edition the station is complicated by rules about Sites on Nors.  Therefore, I have elected to take a look at a deck featuring Deep Space 9 personnel but doesn’t include a Nor.  It does feature a new piece of tech not previously covered in this series, a Treaty.


If I were analyzing a Second Edition deck, I would label this one as dual-headquarters.  It has both Espionage Mission for Earth and Expose Covert Supply for Qo’nos.  Oh, wait.  There’s another Qo’nos – Launch Military Strike.  Bruce says this is here to fill in skill gaps with mirror Klingons.  It’s also useful because you may get out an Emblem card when you seed the mission.  In this case this deck goes with Emblem of the Alliance.  I assume both of the HQ: Secure Homeworlds are meant to help you complete the two Qo’nos missions, as Klingon Intelligence can complete Espionage Mission.  I see Investigate Alien Probe for a nice low-span mission, as is Investigate Probe Origin.  Finally, I spy a built-in Klingon outpost at Explore Black Cluster II.

Other Seeds

The most important non-dilemma seed card here is likely Reshape the Quadrant. This incident gives all your DS9 property logo personnel and ships the [1E-DS9] icon and allows you to download Combined Task Force.  First off, this incident allows you to download Treaty: Federation/Klingon, so all your personnel may mix and cooperate.   It also allows one of those personnel to play for free each turn.  Oh, and it lifts the attack restrictions on your Federation personnel while slightly restricting the Klingon ones.  So, CTF is kind of a big deal. Crossover is here to allow your [MQ] personnel report to the Alpha Quadrant.  Study Divergent History is here as a nice little draw engine.  Finally, you should get out Defend Homeworld with Tribunal of Q, then use Defend Homeworld to play Regent Worf for free plays with the Emblem.


This is a battle deck, so Tactics will come out from the Battle Bridge Side Deck when a battle is initiated.  The Tactic most here is Evasive Maneuvers, which allows you to take out an Astrophysics personnel.  Then you can hit them with The Cloud to damage their ship and make battle even easier.  He says a favorite combo of his is to use Outpost Raid if his opponent is using a Mission II (which has the built-in outpost and follow it up with Theta Radiation Poisoning.  Please note that this combo doesn’t appear in this iteration of the deck, but does show up in earlier versions.  Most of the rest of the dilemmas are chosen to maximize carnage, like “God” or Rules of Obedience.

Draw Deck

Since this deck is a battle deck, the most important thing is to get out ships and lots of them.  Hidden Fighter will get out the U.S.S. Rio Grande or U.S.S. Orinoco.  You’ll need to use Establish Landing Protocols to get them off the planet.  After you get those out, try to get the I.K.C. Rotarran and the I.K.C. Ning’tao.  With those two ships and Martok, you have a formidable fleet that only require four personnel to fly it around.  Another fun tidbit in this deck is Temporal Investigations, which will let you draw a card if an opponent plays a [1E-AU] personnel to the Alpha Quadrant.  It also gets you Dulmer and Lucsly.

What I’ve Learned from This Deck

Battle is fun!  Wreak havoc and eventually get around to solving some missions.

Discuss this article in this thread.


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This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:

Mission (6)
32 V1x Espionage Mission
33 V1x Expose Covert Supply
R1x Investigate Alien Probe
11 V1x Investigate Probe Origin
24 V1x Launch Military Strike
15 P1x Explore Black Cluster II

Seed Deck (30)
3 R1x "God"
2 V1x Authorized Access Only
R1x Chula: The Chandra
R1x Cytherians
U1x Dead End
7 V1x Friendly Fire
3 R 121x Gomtuu Shock Wave
P1x Hippocratic Oath
4 V1x Jol Yichu'!
10 R1x Kelvan Show of Force
C1x Maglock
12 P1x Male's Love Interest & Plague Ship
6 V1x Medical Crisis
14 V1x Rules of Obedience
C1x Scientific Method
7 V1x The Arsenal: Divided
25 R1x The Cloud
P1x Unscientific Method
C1x Alternate Universe Door
C1x Battle Bridge Door
93 VP1x Q's Tent: Civil War
P1x Spacedoor
23 V1x Office of the President
26 V1x The Great Hall
32 C1x Crossover
30 V1x Reshape the Quadrant
2 VP1x Tribunal of Q
C1x Assign Mission Specialists
39 C1x Assign Support Personnel
51 V1x Study Divergent History

Draw Deck (58)
2 V1x Ready Room Door
C1x Starfleet Type I Phaser
16 V2x Isomagnetic Disintegrator
19 C1x Temporal Investigations
62 U6x Handshake
R2x Going to the Top
U2x Hidden Fighter
39 U1x I'm a Doctor, Not a Bricklayer
U2x HQ: Secure Homeworld
R1x Admiral Leyton
R1x Admiral Ross
U1x Ambassador Krajensky
62 V1x Benjamin Sisko (Emissary)
P1x Captain Kirk
57 R+1x Dulmer
R1x Jadzia Dax
65 V1x Jake Sisko (Emissary)
R1x Jaresh-Inyo
R1x Julian Bashir
C1x Lojal
69 U1x Lt. Watley
70 R+1x Lucsly
10 V1x Lwaxana Troi (20th Anniversary)
1 C 2841x T'Lara
C1x Taylor Moore
41 VP1x Captain Nog
R1x Nog
R1x Bo'rak
65 V1x Captain Lursa
R1x Ch'Pok
43 V1x Chancellor Gowron
70 V1x Chef Kaga
R1x D'Ghor
R1x Kor
92 C1x Korvek
R1x Margh
R1x Martok
R1x Morka
66 V1x Nu'Tal
67 V1x Regent Worf (Crossover)
95 U1x Rinox
96 U1x Rukor
40 V1x M'Vil
P1x U.S.S. Defiant
R1x U.S.S. Sao Paulo
125 C1x Alliance Vor'Cha
R1x I.K.C. Negh'Var
111 R1x I.K.C. Ning'tao
R1x I.K.C. Rotarran

Q-Tent Side Deck (13)
R1x Ressikan Flute
2 V1x Ready Room Door
19 C1x Multidimensional Transport Device
C1x Tricorder
47 U1x Captain's Log
25 V1x Defiant Dedication Plaque
C1x Drought Tree
C1x Establish Landing Protocols
17 V1x Masaka Transformations
28 V1x Taking Charge
13 R 361x The Inner Light
78 V1x U.S.S. Orinoco
R1x U.S.S. Rio Grande

"Outside the Game" and/or Seed-Phase Downloads (33)
U1x Mirror Image
C1x Treaty: Federation/Klingon
6 V1x Combined Task Force
60 C1x Containment Field
33 C1x Emblem of the Alliance
U1x It's Only a Game
27 U1x Obelisk of Masaka
29 U1x Q the Referee
8 P1x Strategema
37 R1x The Art of Diplomacy
34 C1x White Deprivation
U1x Oof!
U1x The Juggler
U1x The Wake of the Borg
41 U1x Defend Homeworld
93 C1x Loreva
C1x Zetal
C5x Evasive Maneuvers
C2x Phaser Banks
C3x Pulse Disruptor
C3x Pulse Phaser Cannons
C3x Quantum Torpedo

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