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Welcome to the Station

by Derrick Marsh, Guest Writer

18th November 2017

"Station log, stardate 46390.1. The Enterprise has been ordered to the Lapolis system. They're scheduled to depart at zero-five hundred hours after offloading three runabout class vessels. Meanwhile, our medical and science officers are arriving... and I'm looking forward to a reunion with a... very old... friend."  ~ Benjamin Sisko

We Need You Here

So it is the final article in this week’s Spotlight Series of Deep Space 9. Maggie and the rest of the CC has done a great job of revisiting factions throughout the Spotlight Series. About a month or so ago, Maggie approached me based off my comments of my enjoyment of the DS9 team and I was delighted to help write an article about playing the 1E DS9 decks.

We had done some discussion initially on why a lot of folks don’t care for DS9. The first simply being Deep Space 9 itself. The facility type “Nor” was introduced in the DS9 set and with that, introduced a new card called a “Site.” Nors played differently from just a normal outpost which, up to this point, is what everyone was used to. What made these difficult to use was that a Nor used these Sites to do its reporting of personnel and ships. Something that was vastly different from just a typical outpost which as long as a personnel could use/mix, it could report there. Same thing with a ship.

Now, the actual reporting was being done by a Site. And a Site is typically restricted to just allowing a personnel with that classification to report there. Note that a personnel often cannot have that skill, but must have the actual classification. Then, how you could report a ship was based off three different Sites, which in their turn were based off the number of staffing icons needed to fly the ship. Now it doesn’t sound very difficult, but what made it very tricky was that you could only initially play 6 Site cards to the station in the seed phase. While those 6 Sites were not part of your initial 30 seed cards, it still made it very difficult when alone there are 7 classifications, not even including at least one site to report/dock your ships.

Then to add to that, Decipher introduced movement restrictions on Nors between the Sites themselves. A personnel can only move between one site to another, once per turn. There was no beaming allowed between Sites (without specific cards introduced later) so now that you had some reporting restrictions, it took some understanding to move them to the ships you had at DS9 and then back and forth.

Trust the Prophets

Lastly, the initial difficulty of using a Nor was that your opponent could steal/commandeer the station itself! Who wants to play something that my opponent can have an easy time of taking my facility and shutting down my report functions? We call like a challenge, but it definitely made folks turn their heads when this first came out.

So why would you want to play with a Nor? Well one, it is a very thematic play style. It is very cool to see the “inside” of the station with the site cards which differ from just an outpost or even the Headquarters (which were also introduced in DS9). Number two, the sites themselves can have some very powerful functions, specifically allowing the download of personnel/equipment/ships, whatever can actually report to that site. Initially this comes with a cost, not being able to draw cards at the end of your turn, but one of the key cards in this deck is We Need You Here introduced by the CC that foregoes this penalty for downloading a card in place of your normal card play as well as allowing you to get more Sites onto the table quickly. So doing this now basically allows you to “Dial-A-Skill” which to me is definitely a game changer. It allows you to early on getting certain personnel/ship out there to start your play engines or card draw engines and then late game, get out that skill you need to bypass a troublesome dilemma or whatever skill you need to pass that final mission.

The second thing that the DS9 set introduced was the first true introduction of a different Quadrant. The Gamma Quadrant (where the Dominion hails from) is where we actually get to take our personnel on a ship to a completely different side of the galaxy through the Bajoran Wormhole. However, it was very cumbersome to use this as it was difficult to travel back and forth with the Wormhole because the doorway itself would stop your ship unless you used certain cards to unstop you. And then when you finally got there and were able to move, the missions themselves had such large Span that it could take you multiple turns to just to move back and forth to those Gamma Quadrant missions. Luckily the CC recognized these issues and addressed both with the introduction of The First Stable Wormhole.

So after kind of understanding what some of these downsides were to DS9, I wanted to create a deck that was going to create a fun thematic feel for folks for the DS9 Federation that I feel like people would hopefully get the same enjoyment out of playing DS9 as I have. The main focus of the deck is playing the Federation personnel with the DS9 property logo, so using Reshape the Quadrant is key to allow you to play Here by Invitation getting that free play of Federation personnel. Then with Trust the Prophets turning the station to allow Federation to match, it now allows you to download any Federation to your sites, including getting out the U.S.S. Defiant and the shuttles. The idea is to solve a mission in the Alpha Quadrant and to visit the Gamma Quadrant and solve a 2nd mission. You can then get some additional points with the three Objectives in Q’s Tent. And then solve a third mission to round out your 100 points needed to win the game.

I tried to make everything in the deck DS9 property logo, including the dilemmas, but obviously a few cards I included didn’t follow that criteria. I also know the deck isn’t going to game change and win a bunch of tournaments, but again it isn’t designed for that. It key components allows folks an introduction into the world of DS9 through Nors, Sites, and the Gamma Quadrant. It allows some simple cool tricks and the ability to play your favorite DS9 personnel while they go on some crazy fun mission attempts, because that’s what 1E is all about. Reenacting our favorite scenes from our favorite shows!

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This deck is legal in the following Card Pools:

This deck is legal in the following Rules Sets:

This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:

Mission (6)
29 V1x Alter Records
31 V1x Establish Interquadrant Communications
U1x Investigate Coup
14 V1x Investigate Maquis Activity
24 V1x Investigate Omicron Particles
22 V1x Study Rare Phenomenon

Seed Deck (30)
1 V2x A Fast Ship Would Be Nice
5 V1x Dead End
7 V2x Fly by the Seat of your Pants
6 V1x Founder Secret
7 V2x Friendly Fire
R2x Harvester Virus
9 V2x Maglock
4 V2x Nanobiogenic Fugitives
10 V2x Precision Piloting
14 V2x Punishment Box
14 V2x Rules of Obedience
11 V2x The Three Vipers
1 V1x Q's Tent
15 V1x The First Stable Wormhole
18 V1x Deep Space 9
26 V1x Expert Pilot
30 V1x Reshape the Quadrant
21 V1x Station Briefing
64 P1x Trust the Prophets
65 P1x We Need You Here

Site (6)
3 V1x Commander's Office
5 V1x Docking Ports
10 V1x Infirmary
11 V1x Ops
15 V1x Quark's Bar
16 V1x Science Lab

Draw Deck (50)
18 V4x New Frontiers
11 V2x Security Drills
R1x Admiral Ross
U1x Ambassador Krajensky
61 V1x Arjin
62 V2x Benjamin Sisko (Emissary)
28 V1x Cal Hudson
R1x Elizabeth Lense
55 V1x Enrique Muniz
R1x George Primmin
C1x Graham Davis
63 V1x Hoya
58 V1x Jace Michaels
64 V2x Jadzia Dax (Emissary)
75 R+1x Jake Sisko
R1x Julian Bashir
C1x Karen Loews
C1x Lojal
P1x Luther Sloan
10 V1x Lwaxana Troi (20th Anniversary)
67 V1x Melora Pazlar
60 V1x Michael Eddington
R1x Miles O'Brien (Blaze of Glory)
30 V1x Niles
69 V1x Paulson
C1x Paxton Reese
61 V1x Sarita Carson
20 V1x T'Lara
C1x T'Lor
C1x Taylor Moore
32 V1x Thomas Riker (The Maquis)
11 V1x Worf (20th Anniversary)
3 V1x Kira
40 VP1x Agent Garak
57 V1x Ilon Tandro
R1x Nog
9 V1x Koval
66 VP1x Morn
80 V2x U.S.S. Defiant
77 V1x U.S.S. Ganges
51 V1x U.S.S. Mekong
78 V1x U.S.S. Orinoco
R1x U.S.S. Rio Grande

Q-Tent Side Deck (13)
137 VP1x Kukalaka
U1x Defense System Upgrade
25 V1x Defiant Dedication Plaque
18 V1x Space Boomer
22 V1x Wormhole Navigation Schematic
27 V1x Explore Gamma Quadrant
28 V1x File Mission Report
32 V1x Rescue Personnel
114 VP1x Odo
8 V1x Guest Quarters
13 V1x Ore Processing Unit
14 V1x Promenade Shops
18 V1x Security Office

"Outside the Game" and/or Seed-Phase Downloads (5)
12 V2x Bajoran Wormhole
16 V1x Treaty: Federation/Bajoran
25 V1x Here by Invitation
Time Location
81 V1x The Celestial Temple

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