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Announcing Warp Pack: Holiday 2017!

by Charlie Plaine, Acting First Edition Brand Manager

24th November 2017


Colonel Kira

Today, I'm happy to share with you all a project that's been in the making for over a year: Warp Pack: Holiday 2017! This project, formerly known as Project Sinterklaas, features nine (9) new First Edition cards built to celebrate some old decks and some decks that haven't seen a lot of time in the limelight lately. These nine cards are not block legal, so they were designed with the complete game in mind.

Envisioned by former First Edition Brand Manager Cristoffer Wikker (Smiley) and designed by yours truly, the goal of Warp Pack: Holiday 2017 was to be a holiday gift to the players. We may have missed the deadline to release this last year, but the delay just afforded us the opportunity to make this even more focused on favorite decks of the game's past as The Continuing Committee enters it's 10th year. Aside from Cristoffer and I, this boutique product was realized due to the hard work of dozen of volunteer testers, artists, writers, rules experts, and proofreaders. Without their hard work, there would be no First Edition cards; so please, if you are able, consider making a small donation to thank them.

Every day between now and when the boutique releases on Friday, December 1st, 2017, you'll get a new card to enjoy. Along with, I'll be writing a brief article that comes with a "Quick Starter Deck" - an incomplete deck with a hint of an idea for how to use the card. You'll be able to use that deck as a launching off point for your own decks, which we can't wait to see! In fact, the latter half of this article is such a commentary for today's spoiler, Colonel Kira.

We hope you'll enjoy this little holiday surprise. I don't think it will be an annual tradition, in spite of the numbering, but I do think it will happen again. For now, please enjoy the holiday season as you explore Warp Pack: Holiday 2017. You can download the file on this very website on Friday, December 1st and the cards will be legal in all formats one week later, on Friday, December 8th.

Quick Starter Deck - Colonel Kira
Colonel Kira from Warp Pack: Holiday 2017 is a converted card from the Second Edition expansion Captain's Log. She is a version of the Kira Nerys persona and still a commander of DS9. She's got very standard Kira skills, but has a special skill that will let her draw you cards based on the number of staffed [Baj] ships. Get it? She's a blockade commander, so the bigger her blockade, the more she can get you! Her ability is limited to once each turn and twice per game, but otherwise is only limited by how many ships you can get into play.

This deck is a basic Bajoran free report salad deck, meaning it's got a lot of people that are free reports and some decent card drawing. If you don't draw one of your [Orb] personnel in your opening hand, you can download one to DS9 the first turn, so you can start drawing an extra card with The Celestial Temple. A spare vedek can sit in the Bajoran Shrine and conduct services, and an extra V.I.P. can sit in their quarters to get you even more cards. Of course, there's a decent number of Renewal Scrolls in the deck too, and Regenerate to get your deck back to full.

Hidden Fighter

Since you're going to want to get a lot of ships into play, that's going to be a lot of your card plays. If you don't have one in hand, you can Ops download one of those too. There is also Hidden Fighter, which can grab one of four ships in the deck. And for some bonus, off-turn downloading, there are two copies of Scout Encounter to grab the two Bajoran Scout Vessels. I suggest following those up with Attack of the Drones for some free captives.

Most of the personnel in this skeleton deck are free reports, either to the Chamber of Ministers or via Alliance for Global Unity. The latter, by the way, is handy to get you more card draws (grab Bajor for Bajorans after your first mission) and to help you solve Bajor (since you can grab HQ: Secure Homeworld after you solve your second). The three missions I included are covered by the personnel in the deck, but they're also Bajor Region so you can make sure to get right in the middle of your opponent's missions.

Since you're going to have so many ships in play, don't hesitate to red shirt at space missions. Once that's done, you'll have a little mini-fleet so use Kira to draw cards, and then go hunt down and attack your enemies. (I personally this it would be hilarious to include a Tachyon Detection Grid in the deck and just ruin a cloaked ship's day.) If you do go this route, adding in Make it So and some Ready Room Doors along with some Captain's Orders would be very thematic.

Even if this skeleton of a deck doesn't do it for you, I hope you'll find something new to do with Colonel Kira. She was inspired by the old Pire for Hire decks, so maybe it's time to bring something like that back! Of course, I'm sure you're asking since we made a ship-centric Colonel Kira, did we make her ship, the Kitara? We did... but she's not in this boutique product. You'll have a wait a bit - but not too long, in the scheme of things, to see that ship enter the game.

Let me know what you think of the skeleton and the ideas here. If you use this as an inspiration for your own deck, please post it! We can't wait to see what you guys do with these cards, and if you like these little jumping off points, so let us know! And come back tomorrow for another preview card and another quick start deck - the Klingons are looking for trophies...

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Print DecklistCopy Deck

This deck is legal in the following Card Pools:

This deck is legal in the following Rules Sets:

Mission (3)
29 V1x Alter Records
S1x Refuse Immigration
S1x Relocate Settlers

Seed Deck (12)
2 V2x Attack of the Drones
R2x Scout Encounter
93 VP1x Q's Tent: Civil War
15 V1x The First Stable Wormhole
19 V1x Chamber of Ministers
38 VP1x Deep Space 9
23 V1x Call for Reinforcements
63 P1x Contain Boarding Parties
30 V1x Reshape the Quadrant
64 P1x Trust the Prophets

Site (4)
1 V1x Bajoran Shrine
5 V1x Docking Ports
8 V1x Guest Quarters
11 V1x Ops

Draw Deck (39)
13 U3x Transporter Drones
16 V1x Bajor for Bajorans
8 V2x Regenerate
14 V4x Renewal Scroll
20 V3x Hidden Fighter
30 V1x HQ: Secure Homeworld
37 V1x Anneli
34 V1x Bareil Antos
39 V1x Beyor
35 V1x Colonel Day
42 V1x Dohlem
43 R+1x First Minister Shakaar
36 V1x General Krim
37 V1x Jaro Essa
R1x Kai Opaka
38 V1x Minister Rozahn
45 V1x Minister Toran
46 V1x Murjo
28 V1x Ranjen Koral
29 V1x Teero Anaydis
P1x Vedek Dax
39 V1x Vedek Sorad
30 V1x Winn Adami
48 V1x Yarka
P1x The Emissary
41 V1x Deputy Quark
C1x Bajoran Freighter
U1x Bajoran Interceptor
100 U1x Bajoran Raider
U1x Bajoran Scout Vessel
76 V1x Baraka

Q-Tent Side Deck (8)
13 V1x Establish Landing Protocols
20 V1x Shipwright
52 V1x Bor Kaffe
91 P1x Colonel Kira (Warp Pack)
C1x Rinnak Pire
34 V1x Romara Cal
55 C1x Taymar Bern
U1x Bajoran Scout Vessel

"Outside the Game" and/or Seed-Phase Downloads (6)
12 V2x Bajoran Wormhole
5 V1x Bajoran Wormhole: Mirror Universe
15 V1x Sisko 197 Subroutine
21 V1x Alliance for Global Unity
Time Location
81 V1x The Celestial Temple

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