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A Little Bit of This, and That, and That...

by Charlie Plaine, Regretting This Plan

27th November 2017

HQ: Executive Orders

As I've mentioned before, one of the ideas behind Warp Pack: Holiday 2017 was to make some cards that revived or referenced older decks. One of the decks that was on the list was the traditional "Mega-Federation" deck, using the best personnel from all of the Federation flavors together. That type of deck never really went away, but it did get pushed to the side as The Continuing Committee carved up the Federation into [TNG] and [DS9] specific flavors.

Today's spoiler is a card that looks to give the "sampler platter" a nice revival. HQ: Executive Orders is an incident that either seeds or plays on your headquarters (which are another component of decks that have fallen off in use.) It gives you a card draw each turn, if you play a personnel with a property logo you don't already have in play. As mentioned, it can be a seed card, or it will play for free on your headquarters out of your draw deck. You can download it (in dire straits) with Defend Homeworld, and you can also download it with... well, you'll see that card tomorrow.

Thus, our deck starts out with Earth, Office of the President, and HQ: Executive Orders - where do we go from there? Well, I started out by looking for free play personnel of all of the different property logos; in this case, Admirals, Ambassadors, and Presidents. I decided to put in New Arrivals as a card draw/alternate free play, so you can play either a free play to the headquarters OR a free universal. The latter opens up options for property logos considerably. I thought about including 22nd-Century San Francisco to get some Enterprise property logos, but HQ: Executive Orders requires the personnel to match the facility, so that's out.

Looking around for other options, I stumped upon Reunion. This is a mission that's been floating around in my head for awhile, and I think this deck is a fine place to try it out. Both Spock and Admiral McCoy will be free reports with Office of the President, so you'll just need to get a Scotty into play at retail. You even get two versions of Miracle Worker and Cantankerousness to give yourself some backup; there's still only one Spock though.

The sample deck provides a list of 1-3 personnel per property logo, mostly free reports either via the HQ or their [Univ] icon. But there are quite a few more free reports that you can swap in our out depending on what you want to do with the rest of the deck. Lewis Zimmerman, besides being a Voyager logo report, can be downloaded with Quark's Isolinear Rods; he can give you extra free plays if you venture into the world of [Holo] and are willing to trade out New Arrivals. Honestly, you can add any number of other Federation reporting engines, like Camp Khitomer or Sherman's Peak; I was just keep the deck focused on Earth.

Finally, speaking of Earth, there are a few options for Sector 001 space missions if you really want to keep it focused on the Federation homeworld. Battle of Sector 001 is doable, and is the 20 points you need to win, if you can fit in some more [E-E] personnel. Alternatively, if you don't mind a backwards compatible card or three, you can use Practice Orbital Maneuvers. You can't quite get to 3 Cadets on 1E templates yet (there are two), so you'll have to toss in some of the 1EC Cadets. Sadly, they don't have property logos so they won't get you a draw.

So that's the new Mega-Federation Deck Skeleton; let me know what you think of it and the ideas here. If you use this as an inspiration for your own deck, please post it! We can't wait to see what you guys do with these cards, and if you like these little jumping off points, so let us know! And come back tomorrow for another preview card; it'll be one that would fit perfectly into this deck.

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This deck is legal in the following Card Pools:

This deck is legal in the following Rules Sets:

Mission (2)
32 V1x Espionage Mission
R1x Reunion

Seed Deck (8)
9 V1x Alternate Universe Door
34 V1x Federation Outpost
23 V1x Office of the President
90 P1x HQ: Executive Orders
45 V1x New Arrivals
18 V1x Assign Mission Specialists
39 VP1x HQ: Secure Homeworld
R1x Visit Cochrane Memorial

Draw Deck (33)
34 U1x Admiral Cartwright
38 V1x Admiral Janeway
35 R+1x Admiral Kirk
R1x Admiral Leyton
63 VP1x Admiral McCoy
17 P1x Admiral Riker
R1x Admiral Ross
36 R+1x Amanda Grayson
37 R+1x Ambassador Sarek
U1x Benjamin Maxwell
3 V1x Captain Kirk (Chain of Command)
29 V1x D.C. Franklin
64 VP1x Deanna Troi (First Contact)
49 R+1x Dr. Chapel
52 C1x Henreid
53 U1x Ilia
55 C1x Jacobson
14 V1x Jae
30 V1x Kathryn Janeway (The Sky's the Limit)
10 V1x Lwaxana Troi (20th Anniversary)
31 V1x Marruu
60 U1x Matthew Dougherty
S1x Montgomery Scott
61 R+1x Mr. Scott (The Motion Pictures)
R1x Reginald Barclay (First Contact)
62 R+1x Saavik
U1x Sirna Kolrami
1 VP1x Spock
63 U1x St. John Talbot
65 C1x Tahglio
67 C1x Voight
6 V1x William T. Riker (Chain of Command)
38 V1x Worf (Shades of Gray)

Q-Tent Side Deck (1)
69 R+1x Lewis Zimmerman

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