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December Errata: My Mind to Your Mind

by Matthew Zinno, Errata Team Leader

4th December 2017

The work of the Errata Team continues.  This month we have four updated cards for you, including one meta fix and some elements of housekeeping.  

Vulcan Mindmeld gets restricted to a single personnel gaining the skills.  This change has been looming behind the scenes for a while.  It was developed in association with Live Long and Prosper, and the testing for that set included this version of Vulcan Mindmeld.  The theory behind this was that releasing a lot of Vulcans would cause Vulcan tools like Vulcan Mindmeld to be overly strong and in need of being reined in.  At the last minute, however, it was decided to hold off on this possible change, to see if the metagame truly needed it.  After all, went the counterargument, not a lot of the personnel being released actually had the Mindmeld skill to benefit from it.  Now that we've had some time to observe how the Vulcan affiliation has been proceeding in the metagame, we've judged that Vulcan Mindmeld is indeed a bit above the power curve, and so we're releasing its planned change.

Nor has two slight changes.  One clarifies where it can seed, which has been an occasional source of confusion.  The other adds a universal icon.  The rules had already been treating this card under universal-like rules, so it should cause no gameplay change.  Having the icon on the card makes the Rules Team able to streamline the rules so that the unique-or-universal concept applies to facilities just like it applies to other affiliated card types.

Drone Control Room has a very slight wording change (which you probably wouldn't even have noticed), to cooperate better with a mechanic that's coming in Cold Front.  

Regina Barthalomew has just a small correction.  She received errata to her gametext a few years ago, and in that process we accidentally changed her classification.  This is now corrected.  

Thanks as always to the people behind the scenes who contributed to this release -- including the Errata, Rules, Playtesting, and Art teams.  

The work of the Errata Team continues.  We have more cards in process, and I'm excited by some which I hope you'll get to see next month.  

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