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So, You're New to Cardassians?

by Maggie Geppert, Vice Chairman

7th December 2017

Picard torture

The main theme for Cardassians in Second Edition is capturing their opponent’s personnel.  They can use those personnel in a variety of ways to get an advantage over their opponents.  Cardassians are also a wasteful affiliation, as seen in how they stripped resources from Bajor during the occupation.  We see that in the game via lots of discarding.


Labor Camp

All four non-Headquarters missions require Intelligence as a skill.  You get a great advantage for that in terms of Enabran Tain, “Retired” Spymaster.  He’ll net you a lot of extra card draws, but in keeping with the wastefulness theme, you have to discard some of them.  The other downside to this is that Agonizing Encounter is in the current Excelsior pool and will stop four personnel.  Now, let’s get back to mission attempts.  I recommend attempting Farius Prime, Approach Criminal Organization first.  Korinas, Observer from the Obsidian Order has all of the skills for this mission, so she’s my MVP for this deck.  It also has a range of two, which gives it the advantage over Extract Defector.  After you complete this mission, leave a random jobber behind for Labor Camp (more on this below) and go do a space mission.  Whether you choose Intercept Renegade or Abduction Plot pretty much depends on which personnel you have in play. 

Draw Deck

The biggest advantage this deck has is the event Labor Camp.  This card will net you 10 points at the beginning of each of your turns if you have a captive in your brig and a [Car] personnel on the planet.  This allows you to do a two-mission win with this deck.  In fact, if you make use of Broca, “Leader” of the Cardassian Union, you only need to have a captive for Labor Camp for two turns.  Now, you may be wondering how you’ll get ahold of a captive?  In terms of cards in the draw deck, you can use Arrest Order to capture an opponent’s personnel if you are willing to send a Security personnel over to your opponent’s missions with a Cardassian Phaser Pistol.

Broken Captive

The other clutch card in this deck is The Central Command.  Remember that Agonizing Encounter I was talking about before?  The Central Command will let you prevent the stop of any number of your Officer or Treachery personnel for the cost of discarding three cards from the top of your deck.  Given that this deck has 19 Treachery personnel and 11 Officers, I think the odds of preventing a good number of folks from being stopped is high.  Oh, and if someone tries to prevent your Central Command?  Just Mila them. 

Dilemma Pile

This dilemma pile is designed to capture personnel for you.  My personal favorite is Inequitable Exchange.  This dilemma costs 6 if you don’t have anyone in your brig, but it guarantees you get to capture a personnel of your choice.  I’m also a fan of Restricted Area as a surprise hit.  People don’t play this style of family of dilemma very often, so you can really get someone who decides to megateam (attempt with more than 9) against you.  Finally, once you get a captive, it’s great to use Broken Captive against your opponent, especially if you can get your hands on someone who has a rare skill like Acquisition, Intelligence, Law or Telepathy.  That dilemma also pairs nicely with the event Psychological Pressure.  Your opponent has to discard cards to use those skills.


This deck is compatible for the Excelsior format that is currently in development.  It pulls cards from Version 0.3 of the restricted card pool and rules document.  Feel free to print this deck and give it a try at your next WCT League event.  Even though they are unrated, Excelsior playtests are eligible for league points.  And look out for the full roll-out of the Excelsior format starting in January 2018!

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Tournament Record:

This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:


Print DecklistPrint ChecklistCopy DeckDownload Into DeckPADD

1U153•Cardassia Prime, Hardscrabble World
3U91•Extract Defector
36V18•Farius Prime, Approach Criminal Organization
1S148•Abduction Plot
1S176•Intercept Renegade

Draw Deck (45)
1U632x Cardassian Phaser Pistol
4C321x Emergency Transport Unit
1R761x •Awaiting Trial
1U932x •Labor Camp
3R492x Psychological Pressure
1R1222x Arrest Order
20V122x The Central Command
23V391x •Broca, "Leader" of the Cardassian Union
30V401x •Corbin Entek, Inquisitor
14R681x •Crell Moset, Notorious Exobiologist
1U2321x •Danar, Irascible Gul
38V221x Danig Kell
1U2331x •Darhe'el, The Butcher of Gallitep
1C2341x Daro
1R2361x •Elim Garak, Agent of the Obsidian Order
6P442x •Enabran Tain, "Retired" Spymaster
30V421x Gollek
2C1161x Jural
18V221x •Korinas, Observer from the Obsidian Order
1U2441x •Lemec, Posturing Negotiator
10R581x •Macet, Skeptical Commander
17V551x •Madred, Persistent Inquisitor
40V291x •Makbar, State Jurist
4U1201x •Mila, Trusted Confidante
17V561x •Nador, Curious Commander
38V231x Nidet
1R2481x •Ocett, Dogged Rival
1C2491x Parn
1C2501x Rogesh
39V81x •Seska, Pragmatic Agent
30V431x Tajor
35V191x Turo
30V441x Vengar
30V451x •Yteppa, Obsidian Order Asset
2R1701x •Aldara
1U3862x Keldon Advanced
1R3882x •Reklar
Dilemma Pile (34)
8R11x Agonizing Encounter
4C61x Back Room Dealings
4R92x Broken Captive
13U32x Captured by the Breen
8R52x Cardassian Processing
21V21x Dark Page
40V31x Dragon's Teeth
4C151x Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
37V31x In Development
33V31x Indecent Proposal
23V62x Inequitable Exchange
14C71x Moral Choice
3U232x Restricted Area
1U111x Blended
1C131x Captain's Holiday
36V41x Cornered
8C81x Cultural Differences
1S331x Kolaran Raiders
28V51x Standing Trial
1R551x The Moon's a Window to Heaven
4U291x Ungracious Hosts
28V11x Adversarial Trial
38V11x Any Methods Necessary
27V11x Ardent Predator
38V21x Covert Extraction
1C361x Magnetic Field Disruptions
8R131x Outclassed
21V91x The First Duty
38V131x Vanishing Act

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