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Talking With Targs - An Interview with Boshar

by Paddy Tye, First Edition Creative Manager and part-time Dr Doolittle

28th December 2017

INTERVIEWER: Hi Boshar, it's a pleasure to meet with you!

BOSHAR: *Snort* *Snort* Grrr *Snort* *Sniff*

INTERVIEWER: When SirDan first contacted you about appearing in Cold Front, what were your initial expectations?

BOSHAR: *Snort* *Sniff* Grrr *Snort* *Snort* Rrrr *Sniff*

INTERVIEWER: Agreed, seven years really is a long time to wait for that broken link to be fixed! Speaking of Antaak, you and your master make a pretty good team right?


BOSHAR: *Howl* *Snort* *Snort*... ... *Snort* Rrrr *Snort* *Sniff* Grrr *Snort* *Sniff*

INTERVIEWER: Good point, you and Antaak have 3 MEDICAL and 1 SCIENCE between you! And you make an Augment like Laneth really good too! How does it feel to be a glorified tricorder?

BOSHAR: *Snort* GRRRR!!!!!!! *Snort*

INTERVIEWER: Err, Sorry, didn't mean to offend! Still, you don't do much to counter Ferengi Bug or Founder Secret, do you?

BOSHAR: Grrr *Snort* Rrrr *Snort* *Snort* *Sniff* *Snort*

INTERVIEWER: Good point, I'd forgotten about Vole Infestation, Palukoo, and Do You Smell Something Burning?... Attribute-wise, how do you stack up against a normal Targ?

BOSHAR: *Snort* *Snort* *Sniff* Grrr *Snort*

INTERVIEWER: That's true, you do have more INTEGRITY than the average Targ! Any other tricks up your sleeve?

BOSHAR: *Snort* *Sniff* *Snort* Grrr *Snort* *Sniff* *Sniff*

INTERVIEWER: Wow - that sort of genetic manipulation I hadn't really considered. Use Antaak to download yourself and maH nlv, then turn Antaak, yourself and 1 other personnel into 3 other Klingons - that's a nice trick - especially mid-dilemma! One question that's often been asked is why other animals like Porthos do not have an affiliation (despite clear loyalty to a Starfleet affiliated owner) yet Klingon Targ's such as yourself are fully affiliated? Any light you can shed on this one for us?

BOSHAR: *Snort* *Snort* Grrr *Snort* *Sniff* Grrr *Snort* *Sniff* *Snort* *Snort*

INTERVIEWER: Ah! Yes, that does explain things much more clearly now! Well, thank you for your time Mr Boshar and best of luck in your upcoming cameo in Star Wars Episode IX!

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