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Atlanta US Nationals: US Nationals 2018 Held in Atlanta

by Michael Shea, Ambassador

23rd December 2017

Ever since the success of Atlanta Masters in 2016, I’ve been hoping to get a chance to invite you all back for another event. Now, I am proud to announce that Atlanta will host the 2018 Star Trek United States Nationals. Dr. No’s will be the host venue for this event. This article will lay-out a tentative schedule of events, as well as provide some information both on the area surrounding the venue and on travel to Atlanta.

The tentative schedule for events will be as follows:

Friday, April 27:

1e Main Event, Constructed – 1 pm

2e Side Event, Excelsior Format – 2 pm

Saturday, April 28:

1e Side Event, Format TBD – 1 pm

2e Main, Constructed – Noon

Sunday, April 29th:

Tribbles Main, 1 pm

Additional side events, TBD

Look for events to be posted on the tournament page in the coming weeks.

This schedule was determined based on past year’s attendance at US Nationals for 1e, 2e, and Tribbles, as well as 2016 Atlanta Masters attendance; game-lengths; and store hours for Dr. No’s. As always, the TDs for the events will coordinate and monitor player feedback, registration, and anticipated attendance numbers. Changes to the schedule may be made if deemed appropriate and in the best interest of attending players.

Dr. No’s is a family friendly, inclusive gaming and comic shop in Marietta, which is a suburb of Atlanta, off of I-75, Exit 267-A. Dr. No's, Cobb County's oldest, best, and most fully stocked comic and games store, is located in Blackwell Square Shopping Center at the corner of Blackwell Road and Canton Road in Marietta, just a few miles south of State Highway 92 and near the Cobb County-Cherokee County Line. They have hosted successful local and regional events for the Atlanta Trek playgroup for years. They have ample gaming space and are excited to host Trek Nationals 2018. Their address is 3428 Canton Road, Marietta GA 30066.

There are multiple hotel options up and down I-75 and I-575 just a few miles to the West of Dr. No’s. Canton Road also boasts multiple restaurants near the venue, with options ranging from Waffle House and Little Caesars Pizza (just next door to the venue) all the way to Marietta Fish Market. If you’re travelling with kids, XDrenaline and Catch Air Atlanta are both terrific entertainment options for the young ones and are both within 35 minutes of the venue. For those of us over 18, I’m currently investigating the options for hosting a party one night at Battle & Brew, just 20 minutes away from the venue. Obviously, the sooner players pre-register for the events once they’re up, the easier it will be to make those arrangements.

Travel to Atlanta by road is convenient, with I-20, I-75, and I-85 all running into or through Atlanta, and several other auxiliary interstate and state highways as well. Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson International Airport is also the world’s busiest airport, and the venue is only a 35-minute drive from the airport by I-85 N and I-75 N. Those wanting to stay in Atlanta proper have a wide variety of entertainment, dining, and accommodation options at their disposal, not the least of which include the High Museum of Art, the Atlanta Aquarium, and the World of Coca-Cola.

In keeping with the standard set by past successful events, there will be no fee charged to any players for any events – as Ambassador I will cover the table fees normally charged by Dr. No’s for each event. There will also be great prizes for the event. If any of you fortunate and generous benefactors out there would like to make a donation towards prize support or event support, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

I hope you’ll consider making Atlanta Nationals 2018 a part of your Trek schedule in the coming year, and I look forward to seeing you all there. 

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