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End of Year Organized Play Rulings

by Maggie Geppert, Acting Director of Organized Play

31st December 2017

Ken Tufts planned to put out an update to the Organized Play Guide (OPG) on December 31st, 2017.  In the course of working on the update that he started, a couple of things have come up that will delay the roll-out of the update:

1. First Edition is finalizing a new Rulebook written by James Heaney (BCSWowbagger).  This Rulebook will replace the Decipher Rulebook (© 2000) that is currently hyperlinked in the OPG as a suggested resource.

2. Project Discommendation on the First Edition side will eliminate the need for the 1E Conversion Rules.

In light of these two projects coming to fruition in early 2018, I don't want to issue a new OPG now and then do it again in 2 months. Instead, I'm going to issue a number of interim rulings for issues that cannot wait in accordance to the (current) section 14.3 of the OPG.

14.3 – Interim Organized Play Rulings

The Director of Organized Play may authorize an interim ruling between OPG releases. Such rulings are to be made in an article on The Continuing Committee's home page, www.trekcc.org, and have the same power/weight as an entry in the OPG.

If the ruling conflicts with one or more entries in the current OPG, the ruling overrides the entries until which point the OPG is updated to incorporate the interim ruling.

Let’s look at the rulings:

  1. In accordance with this article, sections 4.3.3 and 4.3.4 will be removed from the Organized Play Guide, eliminating Revised and X-List as rules in First Edition.
  2. Regional byes are no longer continent-specific.  For instance, a bye earned in a European regional may be used in Australian, European or North American continentals.  An earned bye may only be used once.
  3. Participants at World Championship Trek League events have the chance to win League-exclusive promos. These promos will become printable at the start of League season.
  4. There will be a new section for the Excelsior format in Second Edition.  Academy format will be phased out at the end of the 2018.  Consider this the last call to get in your Academy-related achievements!

4.2.7 – Excelsior

May be used for Second Edition events only.

This card pool changes every four months, following the Excelsior campaign storyline. 

The campaign rules can be found here and the card list here identifies which cards are currently legal for the format.

  1. The current section 14 of the OPG will become section 15, making room for the new video policy.

Section 14: Video Policy

The use of video to film and publish tournament matches is permitted by the Continuing Committee. The use of video is at the tournament director’s discretion and only permitted if each of the participating players consents to being filmed and published. The result of a tournament match at its conclusion is final and cannot be altered.

If evidence of serious* breach of the Tournament Code of Conduct is discovered, the Continuing Committee may take steps to investigate the incident. Penalties may be issued, including loss of earned byes and/or championship titles, but cannot include altering the result of the tournament match.

Tournament Directors should contact the Continuing Committee's Social Media Manager if they wish to upload the videos to our YouTube page.

* Anything that may incur a level 3 or 4 penalty could be considered a serious breach of the Tournament Code of Conduct.


Please PM me (jadziadax8) if you have any questions or suggestions.

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