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22nd-Century Ladies

by Matthew Zinno, Socializing with the Staff Writer

6th January 2018

Riaan Last week we saw the new card Comfort Women, which (among other benefits) makes [NA] [22] females native to all 2154 Time Locations.  This makes it easy for Enterprise-based decks to use these ladies, as they can report natively to those Time Locations.  In some cases (or all, if using Protect The Timeline), those reports will even be free.  

But who exactly are these ladies?  A search of the existing cards turns up only a few: the four Orion girls, and the Augment Persis, and the Denobulan Trevix.  But it's not like there can't be more!  There are plenty of other women who appeared in Enterprise -- didn't practically every episode have a love interest for Archer or Trip (or even Shran!)?  Let's meet some of the others who appear in this set.  

Feezal Phlox We'll start at the beginning.  Practically the first person that the Enterprise met, off-world.  Sarin was a Suliban whom Archer met in "Broken Bow".  Besides having the dual personnel types of SECURITY and MEDICAL, she's a handy source of both Empathy and Youth, both of which are rarely seen on [22] cards.  She's a shapeshifter, who can expose nearby infiltrators through her special downoad of Caught Red-Handed.  Plus, she's a temporal agent, allowing her to interact with several cards in this set, as well as the older Out of Time.

An early love interest -- or, in 1English, "romantic partner" -- for Archer was Riaan.  Not to be confused with Travis' mother, Riaan was a smart medical practitioner on a pre-industrial world.  She was very good at figuring things out, evidenced here by her ability to glance at your opponent's Hidden Agenda.  Among other combos, she contributes two skills to solving Police Trade Route, and four towards Medical Conference.  

Jaya Trip had an intriguing, though less romantic, encounter with one of Phlox's wives, Feezal.  She herself had three husbands, and so thematically she will extend the Male's Love Interest dilemma to three targets.  (But not six, even if Comm Officer Sato is in play.)  Skill-wise, she has SCIENCE, ENGINEER, and 2 Physics, which covers most of the skills needed at Study Rare Phenomenon and Operate Wormhole Relays.

N'Rana From the Augments arc we get the youngest [NA] augment, Jaya.  (This set has a few more personnel from that arc, but they're out of the purview of this article.)  She's the only one with Youth, making that skill available both to a [22] Augment deck and to a deck that uses Khan and Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold.  After all, shouldn't the "From Hell's Heart" crew be able to pass I Hate You?  

The Enterprise's encounter with the frozen Borg from First Contact gives us the partially-assimilated N'Rana.  She has Astrophysics and Stellar Cartography, seen on some Starfleet and/or Vulcan missions but not very many [22] personnel.  Her classification is not SCIENCE, though, but OFFICER, allowing her to bring these skills past SCIENCE-related trap dilemmas like Unscientific Method.  But of course, the main incentive to use her is likely going to be her [Com] icon, which opens up Nanoprobe Resuscitation to non-[Fed] Alpha Quadrant decks.  There's a cost, though -- quite literally: she also adds a point loss box to that Interrupt, so you'll need to pay with points any time you use it.  Note that this effect extends to the opponent's cards as well, so this skill can be stocked to simply prevent the opponent's Resuscitation abuse as well.  (A [Bor] opponent will ignore these point losses, of course.)  Also note that even though she's universal, multiple copies will not add the point box more than once.

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