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Manassters 2018 Event Schedule

by Ben Hosp, Manassters Master

3rd January 2018

Here are the first details about the schedule for MANASSTERS 2018:


Trek Masters:

Second Edition: 9AM Saturday, February 24 (Hall of Fame format)

Tribbles: 4PM Saturday February 24

First Edition: 9AM Sunday, February 25 


Side Events:

Second Edition Warmup: 4PM Friday, February 23

First Edition Warmup: 10AM Saturday, February 24

Second Edition Team Tournament: 6PM Saturday, February 24

Second Edition Excelsior: 10AM Sunday, February 25


More details about travel, and accomodations and CASH MONEY PRIZES sponsored by The Process (TM) to come, but for now, if you're worried about details about where to stay and how to get around in Manassas, don't: if you get yourself here or to either IAD or DCA airport, we'll find a way, 'cause I got faaaaaaaaaith! to believe!...

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