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First Edition Standard Format Update

by Jeremy Commandeur, First Edition Director

11th August 2008


The time has come to post an update to the Standard Format X-List, an optional tournament format for First Edition.

I’m fully aware that Standard Format is highly controversial. Keep in mind that it is an optional format, and that in addition to its critics, it has its promoters as well. People who enjoy the format in Standard tournaments have requested an update.

What many people do not realize is that Standard format has been developed and playtested since 2003. In the past five years, close to 50 different First Edition players have playtested it and provided feedback. It has been used for dozens of tournaments with hundreds of different Standard format decks. I keep records, listen to all feedback carefully, and do not take revisions to the X-List lightly.

Many cards that people claim are "broken" (like Clear Ultimatum) have not made the list because they have not been successfully used to dominate Standard Format tournaments. Reconnaissance Drone and Quantum Incursions, however, dominated multiple tournaments and that is why they are on the list.

I have received many complaints about Standard Orbit, but until recently, I did not have sufficient hard data to make an informed decision. I have now received multiple tournament reports that justify the addition of Standard Orbit to the X-List.

Just as a reminder, this week’s World Championship is Open format and all decks are welcome. However, I am offering $150 in additional prizes out of my own pocket for players who voluntarily bring a Standard format deck. If you wish to qualify for the bonus prizes, you will not be able to include Standard Orbit in your deck.
If you have questions, Standard Format playtesting reports, or tournament reports, please send them to me at trek1e at me dot com or send me a private message; my board handle is Commandeur.

Thank you, and I hope to see you at the World Championships!

Star Trek First Edition X-List

Version 8

This document is an official supplement to the Star Trek Official Tournament Guide and Star Trek First Edition rules documents. This document provides the list of cards that are X-Listed (banned) from use in Star Trek First Edition sanctioned Standard Format tournaments.

Entries that are new, changed, or expanded since the last version of this document are marked with an asterisk (*) before the topic and are listed in red.

These cards cannot be included in a deck for a Standard Format tournament.

  1. All First Edition verbs or Artifacts that:
    1. Have no expansion icon OR
    2. Have a Holodeck Adventures Icon.
  2. Hirogen Talon
  3. Sherlock Holmes
  4. Vic Fontaine
  5. Jack, Maladjusted Misfit 3R175
  6. Reconnaissance Drone 4U115
  7. Quantum Incursions 5P10
  8. *Standard Orbit 14U39

Exception: Your deck may contain one copy of each Doorway, Treaty or Espionage card that falls under X-List item one.

Verbs are defined as the following cards types:
Dilemma, Doorway, Event, Incident, Interrupt, Objective, Tactic, Trouble

Nouns are the following card types:
Artifact, Equipment, Facility, Mission, Personnel, Ship, Site, Time Location, Tribble

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