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Welcome to Maquis Week

by Maggie Geppert, Vice Chairman

21st January 2018

Welcome to Maquis week!  To get in the spirit of things, you might want to check out some Maquis episodes.  You could get some history of the Demilitarized Zone by watching The Wounded or Chain of Command.  Maybe you could watch Preemptive Strike or Journey’s End.  The big two-parter The Maquis, is of course, key.  You could round things out with Blaze of Glory or Learning Curve.

We have some fun stuff for you this week.  Charlie Plaine will be telling us about Maquis design in First and Second Edition.  I’ll be checking out a basic Maquis deck for First Edition and I found a special non-evil Maquis deck to analyze for Second Edition.  Ross Fertel will be talking about Favor the Bold.

Check out Bruce Parrish and Neil Timmons chatting about their Top 5 Maquis cards for First and Second Edition, respectively.

Now to this week’s puzzle.  As a terrorist organization (or freedom fighters if you prefer), the Maquis spread themselves out all over the Demilitarized Zone.  We have a lot of missions in the DMZ in both First and Second Edition.  Match the skills required for the mission to the planet in the DMZ for this week’s puzzle.  The skills needed are listed in alphabetical order and may come in multiples on the mission itself.

Leadership and Security

Marva IV

Engineer, Programming and Treachery

Volan III

Acquisition, Diplomacy and Security


Anthropology, Diplomacy and Honor

Portas V

Diplomacy and Leadership

Soltok IV

Leadership, Officer and Security

Athos IV

Medical, Navigation, Transporters and Treachery

Dorvan V

PM your solution to me (jadziadax8) before 11:59 pm CST (that’s -6:00 GMT) on January 27th, 2018.  I will choose one random winner from all correct entries.  The winner will choose between a themed First Edition or Second Edition promo card.

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