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So, You're New to Ferengi?

by Maggie Geppert, Vice Chairman

1st February 2018

“As far as I'm concerned, the Ferenginar that I knew doesn't exist anymore. No... I take that back. It will exist, right here in this bar. This establishment will be the last outpost of what made Ferenginar great: the unrelenting lust for profit!”

                                                                        -Quark from “The Dogs of War”

The Ferengi are very good at accumulating resources.  They can use these resources in a variety of different ways, from getting extra counters to bouncing dilemmas.  My fellow Chicago player Casey affectionately refers to this tendency as “Ferengi shenanigans.”  Now, because of these shenanigans, the Ferengi are definitely not a beginner level affiliation, much like we saw in my First Edition article.


Par Lenor, Lascivious Emissary

Ferenginar shows the flavor of Ferengi pretty plainly.  They hoard their resources for use in the game.  In this case the resources are cards underneath their headquarters.  There are a lot of ways to get cards underneath Ferenginar and later retrieve them.  I will highlight some of these later.  The first mission you should attempt is Falsify Distress Signal. The mission skills are very easy for them.  Just make sure you have six cards under Ferenginar when you complete it.  I think that an additional turn is well worth not being able to use Reyga or Rule 144 for the mission.  If you get an extra turn, you can easily move onto Mine Vendarite, which is in Region: Ligos System with Falsify Distress Signal.  This mission is great because it lets you restore the range of your ships, so you can go home to Ferenginar and then onto The Last Outpost for your final mission.  The only tricky thing about Ferengi is they tend to have low attributes, so you may need to slow your opponent down a bit.  That’s why Alpha 5 Approach, Transport Crash Survivor is here.  It’s rare that the personnel in this deck can microteam.

Draw Deck

The two most important cards in this deck are Par Lenor, Lascivious Emissary and Rule of Acquisition #141. Par Lenor will give you an advantage on counters over your opponent.  You need to get Rule 141 under Ferenginar (I recommend Quark, True Ferengi or Quark’s Advice for this) and then out on the table.  I recommend exchanging it with a 0 cost Rule like Rule of Acquisition #6 or Rule of Acquisition #76.  Even if you can’t get 141 out quickly, you’ll want to have Rule 6 out as early as possible to get a card draw advantage. Par Lenor can be fetched by Call of the Nagus, though a smart opponent will make sure he goes under Ferenginar rather than in hand.

Rule of Acquisition #141

Now, you may be wondering how you get cards out from underneath Ferenginar.  Ishka, Moogie can exchange a card on top of your deck with a card from under Ferenginer.  She works especially well with Zek, The Grand Nagus to make sure you have excess Rules under there to work with Reyga, Young ScientistMaihar’du, Silent Servant and Uri’lash, Silent Servant can both stop personnel (Leadership or Treachery, respectively) to get cards out from Ferenginar.  Finally, Rom, Professional Soldier can retrieve interrupts in exchange for cards from hand.  Rule of Acquisition #33 has saved my bacon more than once in a game.

Dilemma Pile

I decided to keep with the idea of having big resources available to me with the dilemma pile for this deck, so I paired the draw deck with an Unfair Comparison dilemma pile.  This dilemma reveals the top three cards of each player’s dilemma pile.  If the attempting player reveals a lower total cost of dilemmas than their opponent, three personnel are randomly selected to be stopped.  I put in a number of very high cost dilemmas to make this connection work and almost all of them actually play for much lower cost than what is printed on them.  For instance, the Whisper in the Dark, Tsiolkovsky Infection, Sylvia and Formal Hearing will pair well with all the events that play in core in this deck.  I particularly like Ominous Presence and Pitching In, which have big discounts if your opponents are playing with many of the same species or weenies.  Finally, Agonizing Encounter and Moment of Doubt have good discounts if your opponent is playing with multiple Headquarters (though I still wonder why Officer and Security weren’t bolded on the latter card to make it a skill dilemma).  I will warn you all that this time I just gave an outline of a pile.  Most successful Unfair Comparison pile I have seen splash in a few lower-cost dilemmas just in case.  There are also quite a few of high-cost dilemmas that get discounts if you have missions worth 40 or more points, but those don’t work well with this deck.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot going on in this deck.  I recommend you explore a few of the other personnel who are sneaky good.  I especially recommend M’Pella.

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This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:


Print DecklistPrint ChecklistCopy DeckDownload Into DeckPADD

7U48•Ferenginar, Financial Hub
23V29•Mine Vendarite
7U53•The Last Outpost
21V14•Alpha 5 Approach, Transport Crash Survivor
23V28•Falsify Distress Signal

Draw Deck (63)
7U161x Ferengi Computer
13C242x Call of the Nagus
14U373x Quark's Advice
7R283x Rule of Acquisition #141
7R292x Rule of Acquisition #144
12U302x Rule of Acquisition #18
7C261x Rule of Acquisition #22
7R252x Rule of Acquisition #6
7C272x Rule of Acquisition #76
2C692x Unexpected Difficulties
7C352x Worth the Price
1R1271x Escape
14U493x Rule of Acquisition #33
7R701x •Arridor, "Great Sage"
7U711x •Birta, "Helpful" DaiMon
7C731x Borts
24V351x •Bractor, Suspicious Leader
13U851x •Brunt, Nice Guy
15V361x •Gaila, Arms Dealer
7C751x •Goss, Direct Negotiator
7R773x •Ishka, Moogie
7R781x •Kazago, First Officer
7U791x Kol
18V321x •Leeta, Devoted Wife
7R831x •Lurin, Renegade DaiMon
7U851x •Maihar'du, Silent Servant
7C861x Mordoc
7U883x •Par Lenor, Lascivious Emissary
7R892x •Quark, True Ferengi
16V382x •Reyga, Young Scientist
13U892x •Rom, Professional Soldier
7R931x •Taar, Bristling DaiMon
10U881x •Tog, Lecherous DaiMon
17V681x •Uri'lash, Silent Servant
7R942x •Zek, The Grand Nagus
18V371x •M'Pella, Seductive Employee
1R3371x •Morn, Barfly
7C1173x D'kora Marauder
7R1182x •Kurdon
Dilemma Pile (25)
8R11x Agonizing Encounter
4U141x Formal Hearing
21V31x In Development
12C112x Moment of Doubt
14C71x Moral Choice
14C101x Old Differences
26V82x Ominous Presence
30V71x Pawn Against Pawn
22V81x Pitching In
18V71x The Charismatic Mister Kor
24V111x The Oracle's Punishment
2C251x Timescape
22V93x Unfair Comparison
29V161x War Games
10C121x Necessary Execution
14R161x Sylvia
18V91x The Gentleman Doctor McCoy
4R301x Whisper in the Dark
12R41x Distress Call
18V81x The Charming Mister Riker
4R281x Tsiolkovsky Infection

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