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At Any Time During Your Next Turn

by Matthew Zinno, Errata Team Leader

5th February 2018

You've all known this was coming.  I called "Devidian Door" last month, and now I have to show it.  It looks a little different than before.  

With this errata, Devidian Door now comes off of the ban list. Power level was one of its problems, with it not only offering a free report but one that could go anywhere (even your opponent's outpost or empty ship), for a small cost which you could figure out how to pay later. It also had another conecptual problem, a difficult one for new players to encounter: the game was subject to a secret rule that was not on any card in play. This card in someone's deck could mean that they could recite an obscure phrase to put another person into play, without the less-experienced player having any idea why. In fact, the fact that this card exists in the game meant that someone could invoke the obscure phrase without even having stocked the card, as long as they were prepared to lose the game as a result. This conceptual problem is addressed first: a copy of the doorway has to be in play. Now the rule which allows you to call "Devidian Door" and play a card from the future is spelled out on a card in play -- no more secret rules in the Glossary. This detail also increases the cost a bit, as 2 copies of Devidian Door are needed for it to activate (and one still leaves the game). The power level is also reined in in a few other ways: reporting is limited to planets, and you may only use the Door once per turn. Very happily, I think we've managed to meet both mandates of correcting the power level and making the text be in play while also preserving the beloved flavor of this card.

And look!  One extra person seems to have popped through at the same time.  Say hello to a slightly changed Akorem Laan.  Like Captain B'Etor before him, he has had his property logo changed to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, to allow him to work with Reshape the Quadrant.  It was a bit perplexing why this logo wasn't given to him in the first place, as he did appear on that series (and only that series) ... apparently his "CCG" logo was trying to reflect that this card represented Akorem within his native time period (which was not directly depicted in the series), rather than his brief visit to the 24th century.  Now that property logos have gameplay value, we have discarded that flimsy reasoning to put Akorem Laan in Deep Space Nine where we saw him.  

As always, thanks to the many teams involved in getting Errata to happen, including Rules, Art, and Playtesting!


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