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Now Hiring: Second Edition Designers

by John Corbett, Second Edition Design Director

7th February 2018

Hello players! I'm John Corbett, 2E Design Director. We're currently opening up two positions for project designers in 2E. This job will require you to pitch ideas and volunteer your time working with others on making expansions, boutique sets and side projects.

Who do we need? The most important trait I'm looking for: spirit. An eagerness to work. Next: ability to work with a partner. Not necessarily happy-go-lucky people skills (Kahless knows I lack those), but an ability to share ideas, listen, take feedback. Next: accountability. 2E Design works on deadlines now. The Brand Manager gives them to me, I give them to the designers/testers. We all have to meet them. But with a spirit to work, this shouldn't be a problem. Next: An awareness of the game. This doesn't mean a top-tier or casual player (Design needs both), it means you play the game regularly enough to have a basic understanding of all aspects of it.

This is how the Hiring Process will work: You're going to copy/paste this application below, with your answers (No answers is not the cheat code :)). Then you're going to PM them to Jon Carter, aka ptfi. Dr. Carter is going to select the Four (4) finalists and send them to me, *without names*. I will review the finalist applications and select two (keeping the other two as alternates). Dr. Carter and I want this to be strictly merit-based and without personal bias. Good luck, and I look forward to working with you. 

Deadline for applications: March 1st

Designer Application

What role does conflict play in your management style?

Think of a disagreement that has come up on a project you were involved in, how did you resolve it?

What is your personality weakness when working on a large project? How do you plan to work with this?

If a project falls behind schedule, how would you handle this issue?

Name a 2E card that is "almost great". Briefly explain why, and how you would fix it.

Name a 2E card that missed the objective of what it was trying to do. Briefly explain why, and how you would fix it.

Pitch an idea. Simple or Complex. Top-down (because of a story) or Bottom-up (something the game needs). Either way, do so briefly.


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