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So, I'm a New/Old First Edition Player, Dominion Edition

by Maggie Geppert, Vice Chairman

13th February 2018

Jem'Hadar: "We pledge our loyalty to the Founders, from now until death."

Vorta: "Then receive this reward from the Founders, may it keep you strong."

In this series, I will show off some beginner level decks that people have sent to me.  Today’s deck is Chris Dietz’s “Brownshirts” deck.


Reward from the Founders

Intelligence Operation starts us off at the Founder’s Homeworld.  I don’t see HQ: Secure Homeworld in this deck, so it’s a dead mission.  One problem with playing Dominion in the Decipher days was a lack of good missions in the Gamma Quadrant.  Internment Operations provides some relief on that score.  At first, I couldn’t find how you’re supposed to do Tulaberry Wine Negotiations.  I wondered if Chris meant to put Further Tulaberry Talks instead, as the Dominion can attempt that mission.  However, I finally spotted the copy of Subjugate Planet and realized it’s the target for that Objective.  At 45 points, it’s a bigger temptation and since it’s in the Gamma Quadrant, it’s a little harder to steal.  Now, these two missions only add up to 80 points, so you’ll need to head to the Alpha Quadrant for the win.  Attack at Rare Phenomenon is a nice space mission.  You could also attempt to Navigate Argolis Cluster, or if you’re feeling really lucky, go for the Betazed Invasion.  I can guarantee that if I were your opponent, I wouldn’t put too many dilemmas under that one.

Other Seeds

We talked about moving between quadrants in my Ferengi deck, so I don’t feel like we need to rehash that.  Your Reshape the Quadrant download is Reward from the Founders. This card is a free report engine revolving around Vorta personnel.  Unfortunately, you can’t use the draw engine portion of it because you will have Dominion War Efforts in play.  That’s probably worth it, since that particular card allows you to get an unlimited supply of support personnel out.  Another free play engine is The Great Link, which gets you free Founders, of course.  You can combine Strategic Base with Subjugate Planet, so that when you build the Remote Supply Depot you can draw three extra cards.  Finally, you can use Establish Dominion Foothold to score some extra points for invading the Alpha Quadrant.  I initially thought it was the way to do a two-mission win.  However, I quickly realized that while Tulaberry Wine Negotiations + Betazed Invasion + 10 points does give you 100 points, you can’t win with two planets in OTF, so that’s no good.


Chris has very thoughtfully placed his dilemma combos in the deck notes.  My favorites include:

Personal Duty > Command Decisions > Subspace Fracture

(Try to put this on a space mission with a lot of "science-ey" requirements like astrophysics, Stellar Carto, Physics, etc. The Officers and Leadership will not be killed at the end because stopped personnel don't count but it will wreak havoc on the opponent's "solver" personnel, and it's almost totally unavoidable, to boot!)


Arsenal Divided > Ankari Spirits > The Cloud

(Because haunted ships where the crew are slowly being killed off one by one are fun!)

Draw Deck

It’s nice to see that you can have Jem’Hadar in a deck now.  Back in the old days you would generally only see Goran’Agar in a deck.  He’s the only Jemmie not affected by White Deprivation.  When that was a rule rather than a card, I always thought they were more trouble than they were worth, even with Deyos around as a card draw engine.  The third free report engine I see is the Dosi Trading Post that I also discussed in my earlier Ferengi article.  There are plenty of Dosi and Karemma stocked in the deck.  Finally, there is plenty of equipment in this deck, mostly guns and kits.  You can get those with Victory is Life when you solve a mission, which you get out of the Q’s Tent with Obedience Brings Victory

What I’ve Learned from This Deck

Well, not from this deck, but I learned a fun fact about Jiten’parekh this week from Paddy.  You should ask him about it the next time you see him.

Discuss this article in this thread.


Print DecklistCopy Deck

This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:

Mission (6)
5 V1x Attack at Rare Phenomenon
R1x Betazed Invasion
34 V1x Intelligence Operation
23 V1x Internment Operations
15 V1x Navigate Argolis Cluster
U1x Tulaberry Wine Negotiations

Seed Deck (30)
1 R1x Ankari "Spirits"
1 S 171x Command Decisions
5 V1x Dead End
60 VP2x Denevan Neural Parasites
5 V1x Forsaken
6 V1x Founder Secret
70 VP1x Hanonian Land Eel
2 V1x Incentive-Based Economics
4 V1x Jol Yichu'!
12 V1x Lack of Preparation
33 VP1x Personal Duty
14 V1x Rules of Obedience
24 R1x Subspace Fracture
12 V1x Symbalene Blood Burn
7 V1x The Arsenal: Divided
25 R1x The Cloud
93 VP1x Q's Tent: Civil War
15 V1x The First Stable Wormhole
18 C1x Dominion War Efforts
10 V1x Dosi Trading Post
22 V1x The Great Link
23 V1x Call for Reinforcements
18 V1x Q the Referee
30 V1x Reshape the Quadrant
31 V1x Strategic Base
2 VP1x Tribunal of Q
U1x Ultimatum
26 V1x Assign Support Personnel
U1x Establish Dominion Foothold

Draw Deck (55)
34 S1x Engineering Kit
U1x Jem'Hadar Disruptor Rifle
C1x Kar'takin
169 VP2x Ketracel-White
38 S1x Medical Kit
C1x Science Kit
15 V1x HQ: War Room
R1x Going to the Top
35 U7x Obedience Brings Victory
C1x Victory Is Life
32 V1x Administrator Weyoun
P1x Bashir Founder
128 VP1x Deyos
48 V1x Eris
49 V1x Founder
28 VP1x Founder Architect
36 V1x Founder Leader
R1x Gelnon
R1x Goran'Agar
34 V1x Guna'shan
50 V2x Hanok
51 V2x Inglatu
35 V1x Jiten'parekh
R1x Keevan
R1x Kilana
R1x Kira Founder
C1x Koret'alak
R1x Krajensky Founder
C1x Limara'Son
141 VP1x Lovok Founder
63 R1x Luaran
R1x O'Brien Founder
37 V1x Odo (Homefront II)
52 V1x Ornithar
36 V2x Pimoo
39 V1x Science Advisor Borath
3 C 1672x Tholun
52 U1x Thot Pran
53 C1x Varat'idan
C1x Virak'kara
54 V1x Zyree
43 V1x Croden
33 VP2x Dominion Battleship (Things Past)

Q-Tent Side Deck (13)
169 VP1x Ketracel-White
12 C1x Transport Inhibitor
23 U1x 35th Rule of Acquisition
C1x Remote Supply Depot
C1x Victory Is Life
22 V1x Wormhole Navigation Schematic
C1x Subjugate Planet
50 C1x Lam
R1x Omet'iklan
7 V1x Rak'tazan
38 V1x Retana'var
C1x Yak'Talon
78 V1x Karemman Vessel

Q the Referee Side Deck (13)
5 V1x Mirror Image
8 V1x Villagers With Torches
9 V1x Access Denied
10 V1x Containment Field
15 V1x It's Only a Game
16 V1x Obelisk of Masaka
21 V1x Strategema
22 V1x White Deprivation
24 V1x Oof!
25 V1x Scorched Hand
26 V1x The Juggler
27 V1x The Wake of the Borg
28 V1x Defend Homeworld

"Outside the Game" and/or Seed-Phase Downloads (4)
12 V2x Bajoran Wormhole
5 V1x Bajoran Wormhole: Mirror Universe
17 V1x Reward from the Founders

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