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Welcome to Mirror Week

by Maggie Geppert, Vice Chairman

25th February 2018

Welcome to AU week!  While many of the alternate universe themed episodes take place in the mirror universe first outlined in Mirror, Mirror, there were also episodes over all of the series dealing with alternate timelines.  The Next Generation had Yesterday’s Enterprise and Tapestry.  Deep Space Nine spent quite a lot of time in the mirror universe in Crossover, Through the Looking Glass and other episodes.  Voyager has a Year of Hell.  Enterprise was In a Mirror, Darkly.  Discovery recently visited the mirror universe in several episodes, starting with Despite Yourself and ending with What’s Past is Prologue.  (Lorca in leather pants and Captain Killy FTW!)

We have some fun stuff for you this week.  I’ll be checking out basic Mirror Universe decks for First Edition and my personal favorite beginner Battleship Enterprise deck in Second Edition.  Ross Fertel will be talking about Matter of Time.

We have a special version of the Top 5 video live this week from Club Manassters.  Brian Sykes is back talking about his Top 5 [MU] cards and I’m interviewing myself about 2E.

Now to this week’s puzzle.  Ross Fertel again provided this week’s puzzle.  It’s all about alternate Star Trek history on the production side of things.

1) Which main cast member left the show after the first season because they did not run into a civil rights icon?

2) Which main character was killed off near the end of the second season?

3) Which main character did the writers decide to retroactively make Cardassian, despite the fact that they spawned a human child?

4) This character appeared as a main character on one of the live action series after appearing in a single episode of an earlier series, although he was almost rewritten as a totally different character.

5) The producers gave into studio demands to have which type of musical act in the mess hall every week?

PM your solution to me (jadziadax8) before 11:59 pm CST (that’s -6:00 GMT) on March 3rd, 2018.  The winner will choose between a themed First Edition or Second Edition promo card.

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