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Worlds Day 1 Draws 29; Neil Timmons Wins Top Spot

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

16th August 2008

Twenty-nine players competed in the 2008 World Championship, the first held since the official end of the Star Trek Customizable Card Game in December of 2007. Players from the UK, Germany, Chicago, Ohio, Minnesota, New Jersey, Florida and other areas of the US participated in an eight-round battle. Only the Top 16 would advance to the next phase of the competition, best-of-three match play on Day 2.

Though the official results are posted, they are not completely accurate. The calculations involving the "Earned Byes" awarded from Continental and Chairman's Challenge events are complex and not yet fully implemented, necessitating a manual adjustment to the standings. Your Top 16 are:

1. Neil Timmons
2. Johannes Klarhauser
3. Jared Hoffman
4. Michael van Breemen
5. James Hoskin
6. John Corbett
7. Charlie Plaine
8. Brian Sykes
9. Kevin Jaeger
10. Will Hoskin
11. Geoffery Peterson
12. Steve Rotz
13. Al Schaefer
14. Jeremy Benedict
15. Darren Lacoste
16. Steve Nelson
Alternate #1: Blake Mandalis
Alternate #2: Ben Hosp

Stay tuned for photos and more coverage from both Day 1 and Day 2!

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