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Congratulations to Our Newest Volunteers!

by Maggie Geppert, Vice Chairman

10th March 2018

Back in January, the Continuing Committee announced that we were looking for candidates to fill the roles of Director of Organized Play, Director of Communications (formerly Public Relations), Director of Operations and Chief Ambassador.  I would like to thank everyone who applied for all of the open positions, as well as our search committees for their hard work.

Director of Organized Play Kris Sonsteby (LORE)

Jon Carter led the search for the Director of Organized Play.  He has the following to say about the search and Kris:

We had an exceptionally qualified pool of applicants for the position of Director of Organized Play. While any of the candidates would have been wonderful, the interviewing committee was excited to recommend Kris because of his new and exciting ideas on the ways that we can not only sustain, but expand, organized play. His fresh perspective is going to be a welcome addition to the CC team, and I look forward to his tenure!

Kris has already been hard at work for the last week or so getting up-to-speed on the job.  Look for him to fully take the reins publicly soon.

Director of Communications Daniel Matteson (OKCoyote)

Paddy Tye led this search committee and has the following to say about Daniel:

I was pleased Daniel applied for the role of Director of Communications as he feels very much like the natural successor for the role - already being a major point of contact with the wider community through his current role as Social Media Manager. Daniel is a dedicated member of the community, having recently been part of the team who hosted Worlds 2017. He brings much enthusiasm and energy to the role, hoping to unify and enhance the communications between The Continuing Committee, our community of players, and the wider general public!

Director of Operations Stephan Allhoff (pazuzu)

This position attracted an incredibly deep pool of candidates.  Chris Lobban ran this search and had the following to say about Stephan:

I was fortunate enough to have four fantastic candidates to choose from. But of the four, Stephan stood out. He is a long time member of the forums, and has been extremely active here. And he's shown his initiative and interest in helping to nurture the community by running unofficial projects like setting up a Discord channel, and organizing the Holiday gift exchange. I think he's going to bring a great creative energy and momentum to the team, and help guide us going forward. I look forward to working with him on everything related to the site.

Chief Ambassador Michael Shea (The Prefect)

Matt Kirk did an excellent job with this search and has the following to say about Michael:

When Jeremy Benedict stepped down as Chief Ambassador, I was both grateful for his service and anxious that no one might rise to the occasion of succeeding him. Thankfully, Michael Shea has accepted the post, which was offered to him based on his recent and prolific accomplishments within the trekcc.org community. I am eager to see Michael thrive in his new role and deploy the Ambassador Corps in the advocacy of our games.

The first three positions will all be Board-level positions when the Continuing Committee successfully incorporates (which will be soon, I swear it!).  This means that they will be subject to a Period of Review like the Chair, Vice Chair and Brand Managers.  All of these positions will be subject to a one-month public comment period, after which time their positions will be considered filled.  Please note that you may see some of these folks with their green badges during the public comment period. Some of the website access they need is tied to the badge, so please don’t think that the public comment period is worthless. We will take all public comments seriously before the positions become permanent. Finally, I will open threads on the Period of Review page for each person, so the public comments don’t get all mixed up in the Article announcement thread generated by this article.

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