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The Puns, They Hit Me

by Maggie Geppert, Vice Chairman

15th March 2018

Soft Sell

Uhura: Oh what is it? Is it alive? May I hold it? Oh it's adorable. What is it?

Cyrano Jones: What is it? Why lovely lady, it's a tribble.

Uhura: A tribble?

Cyrano Jones: Only the sweetest creature known to man, exceptin', of course, your lovely self.

                                             -“The Trouble with Tribbles”

Symbiosis, the latest expansion for Second Edition, features a theme of “lose less.” One of the cards in this theme is Soft Sell, an event designed to help boost the fortunes of your Smugglers and Thieves if your opponent completes missions ahead of you.  You play it atop your opponent’s incomplete mission.  When they complete it, your Smugglers and Thieves are all Cunning +1 and Strength +1. So put all your eggs in one basket (place three atop the likeliest mission for them to complete) or spread the love around.  You’ll probably get at least a +1 boost during the game.

So, why did my head go all story mode?  Because I’ve been looking for love in my life and need a ball of fur?  Maybe.  (BenHosp tells me I overshare.  Was that one of those times?)  Actually, I’ve wanted to build an Infestation dilemma pile since it came out in In a Mirror, Darkly.  The dilemma by itself is just OK – one stop for two cost.  The incentives to do more with it (reduced cost, can’t be prevented, a second stop) came in with the Infestation missions that came out in Hard Time.  What finally did it was the story idea of Cyrano Jones selling all of you guys (the Crew) on tribbles.  So I built a Smuggler and Thief deck and paired it with the Infestation pile.  Surprisingly, these guys have pretty decent skills and have a diverse skill set that helps with the skill spread on those Infestation missions.  Soft Sell helps out a lot because a lot of these guys have absolutely terrible attributes.  I also plugged in some of the Display of Wealth just for fun.  You never know when you may need some extra points.

I have no idea how well this deck actually plays.  At this point, it’s just a thought experiment.  But who knows, maybe I’ll bring it to the Deep Space Nine regional and play brilliantly!

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This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:


Print DecklistPrint ChecklistCopy DeckDownload Into DeckPADD

1S188•Mouth of the Wormhole, Deep Space 9
38V15•Iota Geminorum IV, Relocate Polygeminus Grex
38V17•Maranga IV, Ecological Crisis
29V33•Ariannus Passage, Loot Adrift Vessel
38V16•Kavis Alpha, Research Binary Star

Draw Deck (45)
29V192x •Display of Wealth
29V201x •Ill-gotten Gains
29V221x Organized Crime
2C541x •Pickpocket
43V93x Soft Sell
29V313x Pooling Resources
38V341x Ah-Kel
16V401x •Ajur, Temporal Thief
1R3182x •Altovar, Vindictive Criminal
2C1481x •Arctus Baran, Mercenary Captain
38V361x •Brathaw, First Mate
23V471x •Croden, Dissembler
14C941x •D'Nesh, Manipulative Gift
29V391x •Dala, Con Artist
13C921x •Ezri Tigan, Soldier of Fortune
14C951x •Harrad-Sar, Slave of the Situation
6P561x •Jean-Luc Picard, Galen
3R1911x •Kasidy Yates, Maquis Smuggler
2C1521x •Liam Bilby, Family Man
14C981x Maras
28V441x •Martus Mazur, Listener
19V121x •Miles O'Brien, Connelly
29V452x Mobar
1R3371x •Morn, Barfly
2C1551x Narik
14C991x •Navaar, Experienced Gift
14R1031x •Tallera, Covert Isolationist
1C3472x Temarek
27V141x •Thadiun Okona, Outrageous Rogue
2C1602x Vekor
38V421x •Verad, Rejected Candidate
29V532x •Combat Vessel, Heavily Armed
2R1751x •Fortune
2C1762x Mercenary Ship
Dilemma Pile (28)
13U1025x Infestation
3U283x Skeleton Crew

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