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February Financial Recap

by Justin Ford, Chief Financial Officer

25th March 2018

Greetings from rainy Ferenginar where we are all about money!!!

All things serious below you will find our update for February and year-to-date totals for our income, expenses, and cash positions. With our Income position at $3,116.48 and CASH position at $2,763.73 we are sitting comfortable with a healthy reserve to maintain the basic functions of our operation to bring all of you a place to communicate, organize, and play this great game. One note you will see is Organized Play Expense is ($490.65) this is impart because I have classed our Regional Application Processing Fees into this category for easier tracking purposes. More analysis on this after March when we complete our first year of business with the new financial setup. The same goes for our new international shipping fee for those overseas comrades, this charge has been credited and tracked in the shipping journal so we will be able to better understand the net shipping cost for all of the tournament kits, masters kits, raffle prizes, etc.

Like always any comments, concerns, or questions feel free to post them in the article discussion thread or send me a PM directly if you like. Any suggestions are also welcome for potential activities that I can bring up with the rest of the directors.

For now hope everyone has a great start to regional season as we wrap up WCT leagues for the year.

Income Statement:

Twenty one

Balance Sheet:

Twenty two

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