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Kevin Jaeger Joins The Continuing Committee!

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

20th August 2008

When The Continuing Committee was formed, we felt it essential to ensure that the interests of both competitive and casual players were included. To that end, we created the position of the Player's Representative and thought that the then world champion, Caleb Grace, would be excellent to fill that position.

On behalf of the entire Continuing Committee, I'd like to thank Caleb for his amazing work on behalf of this organization and this great community. We're confident that he will continue to be a major player and participant in the Trek community.

Now that we have a new World Champion, it's time to welcome him as the new Player's Representative and the newest member of The Continuing Committee. We're confident that he'll play a major part in shaping the next year. We'll let Kevin introduce himself to you in his own words:

Kevin was first exposed to Star Trek when he was around eight years old or so. His mother, an avid trekkie, asked some family friends to start recording Star Trek: The Next Generation for them to enjoy. The first episode he ever watched was “Tin Man”. He immediately became addicted to this particular form of crack with a street name of “Roddenberry”. Watching The Next Generation on VHS was just the beginning of a spiraling addiction that later grew to playing First Edition in 1996. When the movie “First Contact” was released, Kevin had to be hospitalized for an overdose of awesome.

Kevin was born, raised and continues to live in South Dakota. When Kevin began playing the Star Trek CCG, he traveled to tournaments in both Fargo and Minneapolis before getting a small play group together that has both expanded and shrunk over time. His playgroup did experience a short disbanding period when Kevin’s personal life issues forced him into a period of reclusion from 2002-2005. Since re-emerging, Kevin has worked hard to rebuild his player group, contribute to the player community and provide advice and counsel to individual players.

Kevin is a graduate of South Dakota State University where he met his extremely hot wife and received degrees in Political Science, Philosophy and Religion. From there, he was accepted into the University of South Dakota School of Law and in 2007 received his Juris Doctorate. Currently, Kevin gets his fix of “Roddenberry” in between job hunting, bowling, golfing, softball and Xbox 360 – all of which is currently addicted to also.

Kevin is honored to become the newest member to be seated on The Continuing Committee and humbled to follow the great Caleb Grace from whom he succeeded to the throne of World Champion. He promises to give his best effort in numerous areas and to do his part in representing the great players of this game, both inside and out of a court of law.

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