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Even Better Than the Real Thing

by Maggie Geppert, Conversion Fangirl

25th April 2018

As I’ve been working my way through the Spotlight Series, I’m always tickled to see how the 2EBC cards have been converted into 1E.  Often, they are pretty much a 1:1 conversion, where the card at hand is nearly identical, except for having been converted from 2E dialect into 1E.  Then sometimes you get cards like the dilemma “Rock People” which are superior to their original version.  The original is an OK wall, but few people use it.  The conversion, on the other hand, is an outstanding wall with the Botany Bay icon that sees regular play.

I got a chance to peruse Metamorphosis and started seeing cards in a similar vein to this pair.  On the surface of things, the new event Sleeper Ship, converted from the I.K.C. T’Ong, Sleeper Ship, looks like it does the very same thing the original did.  When you win a battle involving your ship with its matching commander aboard, you may play report a personnel aboard.  What makes this better is that the original card’s effect was confined to just the T’Ong, but now it’s available to any affiliation wanting to battle.  Are you breaking out the Kazon armada?  Would you like to give your Majes a little bump?  This card is a great option for that.

I.K.S. T’Ong, Sleeper ShipSleeper Ship

Another great conversion that looks to boost interaction decks is Awaiting Trial.  Again, on the surface, this looks like a fairly 1:1 conversion.  If you have a captive at the start of your turn, you get to draw a card.  Now, the big difference is again that this card is now open to any affiliation.  You still get it for free is you have three Cardassian personnel, but anyone can play with it. Oh, and as I have just been informed, this event is no longer unique, so cumulatively comes into play.

Awaiting TrialAwaiting Trial

I want to wrap things up with the Kitara.  There are no two ways about it, this ship conversion is straight up better than the original.  The attribute boost is expected, since ships and personnel in 2E have an attributes cap of 10*, but the change of ability is quite nice.  First off, the original ability, while having some Trek sense, is dependent on you going off to blockade your opponent.  This uses up very limited range in the process.  The best Bajoran ships in 2E all have some sort of way to boost their range, which this one does not.  There are also now many easier ways to get cards from your discard pile into hand.  The conversion, which was spoiled a few days ago on our Facebook page, has a much simpler ability, [DL] Souls of the Dead.  That card takes over the discard retrieval function of the original Kitara in a much more accessible way.


I hope you guys are enjoying the conversions in Metamorphosis.  I know a lot of hard work went into making cards that could see play in a wide variety of decks. 

*Pay no mind to that Reg Barclay on the holodeck!

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