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US Nationals - Last Minute Additions

by Michael Van Breemen, North American OP Coordinator

23rd April 2018

"The belt proves it. This is the pudding, this is the proof, if you carry this on national television, you can come up here and say you're the best." - Tully Blanchard

Thanks to the generous donation of Ryan Sutton (rsutton41 on the boards) this belt will be awarded to the winner of this year's First Edition US Nationals. In his own words, "The champion will be rewarded the championship belt and will have to defend the championship at any sanctioned tournament they play in other than online for obvious reasons. Anytime the player loses a sanctioned match the belt moves to the winner. In theory the belt could change hands three times in a tournament."

So, what does the belt look like? Take a look -

"Not too many things can make me look pretty, but this does!" - Daniel Bryan

On the 2E side of things, a travel voucher of $200 is on the line for Texas Chainsaw Masters 2 for November. On a personal aside, having attended last year's event, I can honestly say that this was a great event (lots of grilled meat, soccer, board games and lots of Trek to be had) and you won't be disappointed in attending and this $200 will go a long way in covering the most expensive part of the event - getting there. Last year, many of the attendees stayed at John's place for free so this goes even farther.

From John Corbett (KillerB on the board), "I've called Mr. Shea and informed him that the winner of the 2E nationals this Saturday will receive a travel voucher to come to Texas Chainsaw Masters 2 in November. Voucher is good up to $200 bucks. Will the prize pass down if the winner can't attend? Of course."

If you were on the fence before then I hope their generosity helps tips the scales towards attending this weekend -

1E Nationals link

2E Nationals link

"Cause I'm Trek...and I'm awesome!"

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