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[Title of Set]

by Ross Fertel, Second Edition Brand Manager

11th May 2018

It’s time to gear up for the next Second Edition Expansion!  We’re still a little too early for spoilers, but we can get some other good stuff out there.


Take the title of the set.  I could go all out and just give it to you, but that takes too much of the fun out of it.  Below you’ll find two unrelated clues that will lead you to the title which you can post in the thread accompanying this article below.  One is pretty straightforward and the other is a little more … convoluted.


Clue #1: It is the title of an episode that has the same amount of words for another expansion title from the same season. For example, Necessary Evil and The Siege are both two words long and from the Second Season of Deep Space Nine. That's a good example because the set is a Deep Space Nine Anniversary related product.


Clue #2: Lion’s Blood


Have fun figuring out the answer and don’t forget to check the Second Edition Gameplay Board on occasion; you never know what might pop in.


Discuss this article in this thread.

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