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Beware Saber Bears on Kang's Summit

by Nathan Miracle, Totally Not a Founder

16th May 2018

“The Negh’var. There’s a General Martok on board asking to speak with you.”
-Jadzia Dax, Way of the Warrior

Season 4 of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine opened with the Klingons declaring war on the Cardassians, and subsequently the Federation. This season also introduced a new character, a Klingon (allegedly) general named Martok. In reality, “Martok” was a Founder sent by the Dominion to instigate instability in the Alpha Quadrant.

“But first, let us be sure we are all who we say we are.”
-Martok Founder, Way of the Warrior

“If I was a smart shape-shifter, a really good one, the first thing I would do would be to grab some poor soul off the street, absorb every ounce of his blood, and let it out on cue whenever someone like you tried to test me. Don’t you see? There isn’t a test that’s been created a smart man can’t find his way around.”
-Joseph Sisko, Homefront

Martok Founder In his very first scene, the Martok Founder subjected himself to a blood screening to prove his Klingon nature to Sisko, Kira and the audience. He maintained this ruse for an entire year, commanding the I.K.S. Negh’var and leading the Klingon war efforts against the Cardassians. No other Founder experience quite the same level of success in infiltrating their target affiliation. Martok Founder does such a great job of posing as the real Martok, this version can even play directly to your Qo’noS.

“You robbed my son of his honor just to get my attention?”
-Martok Founder, Way of the Warrior

“I am Worf, son of Mogh.”
“Yes, I’ve heard of you.”
-Worf and Martok, In Purgatory’s Shadow

Our intrepid infiltrator needs more than some borrowed blood to impersonate the great General Martok. Changelings can match Klingons in Strength and Cunning, but the Founders lack in one particular area. The Klingon Martok boasts an impressive 8 Integrity, an attribute suitable for an honorable warrior. In order to compensate for his measly 2 Integrity, Martok Founder insists on instead using his 8 Strength. He even encourages others around him to use their Strength, acting as a form of Warrior’s Birthright (just don’t tell him who the Klingons are shooting in that picture).

“As soon as General Martok beamed back to his ship, he sent a message to the Klingon fleet. It was just one word. In’Cha.”

-Jadzia Dax and Worf, Way of the Warrior

“And now I’m told the changeling that replaced me has caused the death of countless Klingons. It is a grave dishonor.”
-Martok, In Purgatory’s Shadow

I.K.S. Negh'Var Martok Founder brings along with him the I.K.S. Negh’var, flagship of the Klingon Empire. Much like the Founder who commands it, the Negh’var can guide the Klingons to serving the Founders by playing at Qo’noS. You need a high-ranking Klingon official, such as a Chancellor or General, to warrant flying the flag of the Empire. Fortunately the Founders can mimic such personnel, allowing any of them to help staff the behemoth.

“And as long as you follow him, the Empire will be nothing but a pawn of the Founders.”
-Odo, Apocalypse Rising

“There will be no honorable combat, no formal challenges. I will release you and help you reach the Hall of Warriors, and then you will kill him.”
-Martok Founder, Apocalypse Rising

The Klingon Empire used the I.K.S. Negh’var to stage an all-out assault on Deep Space 9. While the Klingons thirst for battle, the Founders focus more on completing the mission at hand. The new version of the I.K.S. Negh’var focuses on the ship’s status as flagship and boosts the attributes of those representing the Empire, even under false pretenses. The Founders have no problem helping Gowron rescue prisoners from Cardassia IV if it means his actions serve the Founders in the long run

“What are they doing? Why doesn’t Sisko just shoot him?”
“I have a better question. Why isn’t Gowron letting his bodyguards kill Worf? I’ll tell you why. Klingon honor. A concept you should be very familiar with. My people, on the other hand, don’t care about honor.”
-Martok Founder and Odo, Apocalypse Rising

This article has focused on Martok Founder guiding the Klingons in their service to the Dominion, but remember that the canny Changeling and his ship can engage in much more direct service to the Founders. Jem’hadar would almost always prefer to use their prodigious Strength over Integrity, and they can protect the Founder with cards like Arak’Taral and Vorta Discipline. Martok Founder can even lead the Jem’hadar on a quest to Restock Ketracel-White.

“The birth of the alliance between the Dominion and the Breen. Changes everything, doesn’t it?”
-Weyoun, ‘Til Death Do Us Part

The Dominion’s Founders may turn the infiltrated flagship to their own purposes, but even they may want some extra support. They may not have shown up until season 7, but the Breen provide three extra Generals to staff the I.K.S. Negh’var. They also benefit from Martok Founder’s own text, since all three Breen Generals have lower Integrity than Strength.

The deck below leverages the abilities on both Martok Founder and the I.K.S. Negh’var. It applies the Strength of the Jem’hadar, so Martok Founder can help your personnel meet Integrity requirements on your opponent’s dilemmas. The deck also includes a variety Generals and Founders to make use of the ship. All four missions require Strength and bear the Alpha Quadrant symbol, so Crom and Gelnon both help download key personnel. The dilemma pile has a few ways to mess with your opponent’s hand, and takes advantage of your large ships and high Strength with Tactical Disadvantage and Know Thy Enemy.

We still have plenty of enemies to get to know, so make sure to check back each day between now and May 25th, 2018 for new information about Far Beyond the Stars!

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This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:


Print DecklistPrint ChecklistCopy DeckDownload Into DeckPADD

3S92•Founders' Homeworld, Home of the Great Link
30V29•Metron Arena, Resolve Standing Conflict
8U62•Survey New World
26V24•Penetrate Enemy Lines
26V25•Recruit Ally

Draw Deck (45)
33V112x •Expedient Opportunity
25V162x Tacking Into the Wind
5P192x Explicit Orders
3R742x Our Death is Glory To the Founders
22V272x Vorta Discipline
16V341x •Arak'Taral, Suspicious Second
12R511x •Bashir Founder, Imperturbable Infiltrator
17V571x •Breen Founder, Persuader
26V281x •Crom, Open-minded
39V91x •Dukat, Dominion Puppet
5P271x •Founder Agitator, Elusive Assassin
4R1261x Founder Architect
3S1541x •Founder Leader, Forbidding Judge
6P461x •Gelnon, Aloof Tactician
13R561x •Gor, Thot
33V351x •Kira Founder, Curious
0P91x •Kudak'Etan, Arrogant First
12U531x •Lovok Founder, Effective Changeling
44V62x •Martok Founder, False Flag Officer
3C1643x Odera'Klen
4R1301x •Odo Founder, Adept Imposter
13R581x •Pran, Thot
3R1661x •Remata'Klan, Unit Leader
3C1683x Tozara'Kesh
3U1701x •Weyoun, Instrument of the Founders
1C3252x Durg
0AP91x •Persis, Loyal Daughter
41V261x •Seven of Nine, Immersed in Chaos
6P603x Dominion Battleship
44V153x •I.K.S. Negh'Var, Infiltrated Flagship
Dilemma Pile (25)
10R21x An Issue of Trust
14R11x Back to Basics
32V11x Friendly Fire
12C82x Gorgan
15V41x Instigate Dissension
24V61x Insurrection
18V51x Polywater Intoxication
2C201x Racial Tension
3U261x Secret Identity
27V32x Shared Hallucination
3U282x Skeleton Crew
4R271x The Dreamer and the Dream
29V131x The Needs of the Many
0VP1642x The Weak Will Perish
2C251x Timescape
38V73x Know Thy Enemy
8R163x Tactical Disadvantage

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