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Further Beyond the Stars

by Ross Fertel, Second Edition Brand Manager

14th May 2018

The Continuing Committee is proud to announce –


Hang on.  These next two sets are amazing.  I’ve been so eager to say that for months.  These sets were on the books for a while and are really something special.  They are truly something to look forward to. Don’t think that I thought poorly of Symbiosis or don’t have anything to recommend for Crixus because that’s not the case, but these next two sets will really get you excited about what you can do, the game itself as a whole and maybe even life in general.


Where was I?  Oh yeah.


Kudak'EtanThe Continuing Committee is proud to announce the next set for Second Edition.  Far Beyond the Stars, a boutique product in honor of Deep Space Nine’s twenty-fifth anniversary, will release on Friday, May 25.


Your designers are Michael "The Prefect" Shea and Nathan "GooeyChewie" Miracle.  As best I can recall, Michael wanted to do an anniversary-based product and when the call went out for someone to help him along, Nathan waited until the post was made before jumping up with his hand and screaming “Oh, me!”  They are a great team with Michael working on several sets to get his feet wet and Nathan being an experienced designer and player.  This was very much a passion project for the two of them and the set is truly something to behold.


Master and Commander: Far Side of the World


One of the major themes of the set is Matching Commanders and their corresponding ships.  Taking a page from the Tenth Anniversary Collection, these pairs work well with each other and can either further enhance an already existing deck or act as inspiration for a new one.


Following the lead of that boutique product along with Tacking into the Wind, there is no affiliation/faction overlap.


Miles O'BrienAnd this group includes one pair that several of us, myself included, have been clamoring for.  In both editions.


Just Go with It


The other category of cards in this set?  They were simply titled ‘Fun’ in Utopia Planitia, the design tool used to formulate and develop cards.  There is no better description for them.  Each one unique in its own right, these cards will make you smile when you see them.  One look, and you’ll want to get them in your deck and see what happens.


This Thread is USELESS Without Pictures


By now, you’ve noticed that I’ve been describing the themes of the set with a large amount of vagueness.  You haven’t seen a spoiler yet and you won’t today, at least not here.  The reason for that is you’ll be getting them starting tomorrow beginning eleven straight days of articles on every single card, many form your dynamic design team duo.  They start tomorrow along with the spoilers and don’t stop until all the cards are revealed.


It’s too bad Brad isn’t around, because he would definitely see…



I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Rules for making sure the cards worked, Creative for fleshing out the stories, Proofreading for giving the cards a once over, programming for playing with ones and zeroes and Art for making the cards look absolutely amazing.  Usually the images are what elevates the card towards completion, but in this case, they took an already extraordinary product and raised the bar.


Far Beyond the Stars releases May 25.  Enjoy.

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