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War is Good for Business, But Only From a Distance

by Michael Shea, Chief Ambassador

22nd May 2018

“You know, I never expected to say this, but as occupations go, this one’s not so bad.” – Quark, A Time to Stand

What would a set celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Deep Space Nine be without Quark? Perhaps more than any other supporting character, Quark personifies the practical, calculating amorality of a man concerned almost wholly with profit. It’s not that Quark is unprincipled – he has his own form of morality – and, as Jadzia Dax observed, once you understand it you understand Quark. If Milton Friedman and Ayn Rand got together and wrote a science fiction series, Quark might well be the star. In a Creative meeting regarding this character, it was remarked, “Quark is nothing if not practical.” Truer words were never spoken, and with that, I give you Quark, Practical Apologist.


“Look around. Do you see any ghetto fences dividing the Promenade? Or exhausted Bajoran slave laborers sprawled on the ground after a grueling day in the Ore Processing Centre? Do you hear the cries of starving children? I don’t. Now don’t get me wrong, I miss the Federation too. All I’m saying is, things could be a lot worse.” – Quark, A Time to Stand

Just like the Quark of the early Season 6 arc, from the beginning of the Cardassian liberation of Terok Nor through his fateful decision to join the Dissident movement in Behind the Lines, this Quark does his best to survive under the Cardassian-Dominion Alliance. And, for a time, he prospers, even winning over the confidence of high-ranking Cardassian officers, which of course puts him in a perfect position to gather intelligence on the Cardassian-Dominion war effort. So, when it was decided that this set needed a Quark, we hit upon the idea of capturing that dynamic in a non-Dissident version of Quark.

This Quark, unlike his previous [TN] incarnation, downloads of a Jem’Hadar, reminiscent of another personae who found himself vastly outnumbered during a siege of Deep Space Nine. This could come in really handy for grabbing a needed copy of Remata’Klan after you’ve used Keevan to take a captive or three, or for getting a Jem’Hadar you need to complete a vital mission. Non-unique Jem’Hadar are often the backbone of a Terok Nor deck, so the utility of this ability is clear. But, this Quark also works well with other [TN] personnel by allowing those present with him to use Strength to meet Cunning requirements. Need a help securing your territorial expansion? Bring Quark along. Worried about facing Fesarius Bluff or Programmed Compulsion? This collaborator is your man. Finally, this Quark is the first Ferengi with the skill of Intelligence, and while we realize that this is a departure from traditional [Fer] design, we felt the risk was minimal given that he's unlikely to see any play in a traditional Ferengi deck; and since this Quark was in such a unique position, having gained Damar's confidence and thus become able to gather vital military intelligence, we doubt we'll see many more Ferengi Intelligence personnel. So, be sure and take this guy along if you're worried about those pesky Rogue Borg!

“…we would have reached an accommodation. We would have sat across the negotiation table and hammered out a peace treaty. One that both sides could live with.” – Quark, The Siece of AR-558

As you can see, this Quark is more comfortable working with the Ruling Council. The included deck is a variation on the Terok Nor engagement theme I’ve already covered in a previous article, but this time with some notable upgrades and taking advantage of Quark’s download ability and Cunning-Strength substitution to help out at Delta Pavonis.

Enjoy, and stay tuned for more from Far Beyond the Stars!


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This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:


Print DecklistPrint ChecklistCopy DeckDownload Into DeckPADD

3U96•Mouth of the Wormhole, Terok Nor
36V16•Betazed, Occupy Homeworld
8U62•Survey New World
37V15•Alpha 5 Approach, Transport Crash Survivor
40V23•Delta Pavonis, Secure Expansion

Draw Deck (46)
1R901x How Would You Like a Trip to Romulus?
3C453x Jem'Hadar Ambush
10R313x •Parallel Course
0VP2211x Tacking Into the Wind
31V211x •Undermined Defenses
17V401x Bridge Officer's Test
33V233x Crippling Strike
33V241x Inevitable Triumph
22V231x Ruling Council
31V261x Untapped Influence
31V291x •Kira Nerys, Grudging Ally
31V301x •Nasin, Following Orders
3R1131x •Odo, Wayward Link
38V211x •Damar, Resourceful Supervisor
44V43x •Dukat, Erstwhile Ally
31V311x •Revok, Eager Ally
28V251x •Yaltar, Draft Supervisor
31V322x Edan'Atal
3U1531x •Founder Leader, Beguiling Teacher
3C1562x Imat'Korex
43V171x •Keevan, Pragmatic Captor
3S1632x Noret'ikar
31V341x •Rayva, Bureaucratic Ally
43V181x •Remata'Klan, Steadfast Sentinel
3C1682x Tozara'Kesh
40V302x •Weyoun, Shrewd Strategist
44V101x •Quark, Practical Apologist
44V133x •Naprem, Renegade Vessel
25V531x •Subek'somac, Alpha Attack Ship
0VP1882x •Tenak'talar, Vanguard of the Occupation
Dilemma Pile (30)
29V11x Adopted Authority
40V23x Brink of War
1C163x Chula: Pick One to Save Two
13R43x Chula: The Dice
30V23x Chula: The Game
30V41x Discommendation
0VP91x Hard Time
40V53x Harried and Harassed
0VP1671x Moral Choice
18V51x Polywater Intoxication
0VP771x Secret Identity
12R171x Swashbuckler at Heart
0VP631x Timescape
40V91x Weight of Command
0VP1143x Necessary Execution
15V53x Once More Unto the Breach

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