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Catching Up With the Cardassians

by Nathan Miracle, Staff Writer

21st May 2018

“I want you to give a message to the Federation. Tell them they have an ally on Cardassia.”
-Damar, Strange Bedfellows

About two-thirds of the way through the final season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the story turned almost exclusively to the war between the Dominion and the Federation, Klingons and Romulans. A critical turning point came when the Dominion forged an alliance with the Breen without informing the nominal leader of the Cardassians, Legate Damar. As part of the agreement, the Dominion promised to turn over several Cardassian territories to the Breen. This insult helped Damar realize the Dominion was only using the Cardassians as a means to an end. Damar left his post and formed the Cardassian Liberation Front, a dissident movement designed to remove the Dominion’s influence over the Cardassians.

With the aid of Commander Kira Nerys, Damar’s dissidents discovered a way to strike a blow against the Dominion by helping out their enemy, the Federation. As part of their alliance, the Breen brought the Dominion a new energy dampening weapon. With the help of loyal Cardassians like Vornar, Damar led a small team onto a Jem’hadar Attack Ship, commandeered it, and turned it over to the Federation for study. The intelligence gathered from this ship allowed the Federation to resist the Breen energy weapon and helped turn the tide of the war. These events inspired today’s cards from Far Beyond the Stars: Damar, Niala and Elim Garak.

“There’s a Cardassian repair facility in the Kelvas system, right?”
“Yes. I take it you have something in mind?”
“It won’t be easy, but if we can get onto the bridge…”
-Kira Nerys and Garak, Tacking Into the Wind

Niala How do you make a ship feel like a Dissident? That question guided us in the creation of Niala, 2E’s version of 1E’s old Stolen Attack Ship. First, it needs to play well with Dissidents. Aside from needing to have a few [Car] Dissidents on hand to obtain the ship, the Niala also receives a nice attribute boost for having [Car] Dissidents aboard. This boost brings the Niala’s Range up to 8, enough to take a round trip back and forth between Cardassia Prime and most planet missions. It also makes the Niala’s Weapons high enough to meet the requirements on Outclassed. But the thing which really solidifies the Niala as a Dissident is the cost. As with other Dissidents before, not to mention the new Damar and Elim Garak, the Niala has a low printed cost and forces you to discard cards from hand when you play it. As a result, the Niala not only plays well with Dissidents, but it also feels like a Dissident itself.

I would like to give a special kudos to the Creative Team for naming the Niala. Although she was never named in the show, Niala is the name given to Damar's wife in a couple of short stories. This naming convention fits alongside the Naprem, which Dukat named after Tora Naprem, Tora Ziyal's mother.

“Actually, they don’t really believe you are dead. Oh, you should hear the stories. Damar is alive. My cousin saw him on Kelvas Prime. He faked his own death. He is plotting a new offensive from his secret mountain hideaway.”
-Mila, Dogs of War

Damar In the penultimate episode of Deep Space Nine, the Dominion claimed to have killed Damar. They intended to crush the hopes of the people, but the blatant lie had the exact opposite effect. The people rose up to support Damar’s cause and overthrow the Dominion. Damar’s ability helps you create an uprising on Cardassia Prime when an opponent kills him with a dilemma or in combat. While you will have little control over when you can trigger Damar’s ability, the fear of giving you three free personnel can influence your opponent’s dilemma play. This version of Damar is fully committed to the Cardassian Liberation Front, so he forsakes all other skills in favor of 2 Leadership. Since most [Car] Dissidents do not have Officer or Treachery, Damar can use Bridge Officer’s Test as a substitute for The Central Command. Between the threat of becoming a martyr and the threat of pushing forward his existing followers, Damar can become quite a thorn in your opponent’s side when choosing dilemmas.

“For Cardassia!”
-Garak, What You Leave Behind

Elim Garak The Interrupt For Cardassia! does not require Dissidents of any kind, but it does require personnel who cost 1 or less. Many [Car] Dissidents fall into this category, including the new versions of Damar and Elim Garak. The latter downloads the liberation cry, which can help your [Car] Dissident deck focus on 30 point missions. You can use the extra points gathered by For Cardassia! to bring yourself to 100 points using three 30 point missions, or you can use them to fuel the ability on the [Car] Dissident Kira Nerys. But as a versatile operative, Elim Garak knows that sometimes a hokey battlecry is no match for a good phaser at your side. In that case, you can instead download a Hand Weapon, likely as a bargaining chip to use during a Kressari Rendezvous.

“With men like you on our side, how can we fail?”
-Damar, What You Leave Behind

The attached deck focuses on 30 point Integrity missions and cheap personnel. Most of the personnel cost 1 or less, so you should have no problem triggering For Cardassia! to score the necessary 10 points to get around the corner. Several of the cards in this deck force you to discard cards from your hand or deck, so it includes three copies of Tacking Into the Wind and two copies of Back to Basics to recycle your personnel. I hope you enjoy playing a Cardassian Integrity deck!

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This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:


Print DecklistPrint ChecklistCopy DeckDownload Into DeckPADD

1U153•Cardassia Prime, Hardscrabble World
1U163•Eliminate Harvesters
2U100•Investigate Maquis Activity
7U51•Crensen Gap, Protect the Escapees
1U177•Investigate Alien Probe

Draw Deck (50)
24V132x Christening
25V163x Tacking Into the Wind
17V402x Bridge Officer's Test
1U1231x Comfort Women
34V143x For Cardassia!
44V12x The Enemy of My Enemy
4U1161x •Aamin Marritza, Honorable Patriot
1U2293x Ari
44V32x •Damar, Martyred Outlaw
38V222x Danig Kell
44V51x •Elim Garak, Imposing Patriot
1C2373x Emok
4C1181x •Hogue, Student of Political Ethics
1R2421x •Joret Dal, Patriotic Visionary
4R1191x •Kira Nerys, Iliana Ghemor
1U2431x •Kovat, Public Conservator
3U1461x •Mavek, Science Officer
1C2473x Megar
4U1202x •Mila, Trusted Confidante
2U1171x •Natima Lang, Professor of Political Ethics
7R592x •Tekeny Ghemor, Prominent Official
3R1491x •Tora Ziyal, Beloved Daughter
12C971x •Ambassador Gral, High-Ranking Official
1U3211x •Brull, Encampment Leader
3C1903x Jakin
1U3351x •Marouk, Sovereign of Acamar
44V143x •Niala, Intelligence Asset
30V542x Type III Galor
Dilemma Pile (25)
8R12x Agonizing Encounter
35V11x Anachronistic Deviation
14R12x Back to Basics
1C162x Chula: Pick One to Save Two
0VP1761x Chula: The Chandra
40V31x Dragon's Teeth
26V41x Intimidation
10U111x Last Gasp
0VP1811x Occupational Hazards
0VP772x Secret Identity
0VP1501x The Dal'Rok
0VP1642x The Weak Will Perish
0VP632x Timescape
34V11x A Taste of Armageddon
10U51x Compassionate Interference
12C71x Gangster's Welcome
10C81x Hull Breach
33V51x Precarious Position
34V81x Simulated Prey

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