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Excelsior Act II Cardpool Updated in Deckbuilder

by Matt Kirk, Project Excelsior Lead

2nd June 2018

It's been a while, but the Season 1 Act II Cardpool for Excelsior has finally been updated! You can now choose the Excelsior format in the Deckbuilder, and it will filter the cards to show only what is permitted in the Act II pool. Big thanks to the Operations team for their efforts to update the system with the new cards, and for keeping the website functioning in general.


The Act II cardpool features TNG, Cardassian, Dominion, and Romulan headquarters, along with some guest stars that do not report natively to those HQs, but could sneak into decks through alternate avenues (Loren III, for example). The themes of the affiliations pair nicely with the included dilemmas this time around, with limited support for capture and interference strategies. This Act is primed for much more interaction, as the Dominion has entered into the Alpha Quadrant and is looking to expand.


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