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Welcome to Kazon Week

by Maggie Geppert, Vice Chairman

3rd June 2018

Welcome to Kazon week! The Kazon appeared in fifteen Voyager episodes altogether, starting Caretaker, Part II.  They were only seen once again in the first season, but played a major role in Season two, culminating in the hijacking of Voyager by Seska and Cullah in Basics.  Later seasons saw them showing up in Living Witness, Relativity and Shattered.

We have some fun stuff for you this week.  Charlie Plaine (MidnightLich) has a design article for First Edition, seeing as there are no Kazon in Second Edition.  Andreas Rheinländer (Dukat) has a two-part article on the Kazon.  I’ll be checking out a basic Kazon mission solver.

This week’s Top 5 video features 1E Creative Director Paddy Tye, our own KazonPADD.

Now to this week’s contest.  This is a bit of a crowd-sourcing effort on behalf of our Creative team.  We need a picture of a Kazon PADD (not Paddy’s avatar or pic of him) for an upcoming project.

PM your screenshot to me (jadziadax8) and Paddy (KazonPADD) before 11:59 pm CDT (that’s -5:00 GMT) on June 9th, 2018.  The randomly chosen winner will choose between a themed First Edition or Second Edition promo card.

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