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Kazon Basics (Part 1 of 2): Affiliation Introduction

by Andreas Rheinländer, Special Delta Quadrant Correspondent

5th June 2018

The Kazon are a chaotic, almost barbaric species. Their technology is rather primitive and even the Borg think that assimilating Kazon would be harmful to the collective's constitution.   However, they are nonetheless powerful with ships big as a small space station and a network of planets, colonies and military installations at their disposal.

This article will deal with general aspects of playing Kazon.

Let's start with a general overview...

Pros and cons




Play Engines


The two main play engines are The Kazon Collective and Voyager seeded at Caretaker's Array with Home Away From Home. Be aware that Bio-Neural Gel Packs do not report for free on Voyager, since they require U.S.S. Voyager (and not Voyager, without U.S.S. in title) in order to do that.

The Kazon Collective is rather easy to use: the player chooses a maje and includes personnel mainly from that maje's sect in his or her deck. I suggest downloading Culluh with Leader of the Sect and Razik with Defend Homeworld. Personnel from the Nistrim and Ogla sect make up for most of the personnel available. Voyager is used in the same way people play a Federation Delta deck: personnel with a staffing icon can report for free aboard, as long as Voyager is not in the Alpha Quadrant (see below for additional thoughts on the subject).

Draw Engines

Kazon have no specific draw engine. All generic draw engines available to any affiliation are available to them. However, not all of them are recommended.  I personally recommend using War Council. The second function of the card is sometimes forgotten, but it has a lot of merits in comparison to Kivas Fajo-Collector; it cannot be nullified, cannot be 'shared' using Mirror Image and 4 Treachery can be there in turn 2.  That last part requires some setup using Non-Aligned cards. However, I always recommend using a small number of Non-Aligned personnel in any Kazon deck (see above).

The second draw engine possible is using Ancestral Vision. However, that is connected with a variety of disadvantages. First of all, one has to have a personnel with Honor and Integrity > 7, which for the Kazon would be Karden, but he cannot be downloaded.  You could also use one of a few Non-Aligned personnel that can somehow be downloaded, e.g. Dr. Nydom or Gem (using Assign Support Personnel to any universal Non-Aligned ship downloaded). Having a single personnel on a planet however is not a good idea. They can easily be killed or disappear using Thine Own Self, so there has to be more than one personnel and they have to be protected. One way to do that is seeding Bluegill Infestation and having a copy of the personnel in question under Bluegill Infestation. Also, those personnel cannot be used for other purposes, so they are somehow trapped.  Additionally, if those personnel are on a planet where Volcanic Eruption or another card like that is revealed, they will most likely die.

There is an alternative to Ancestral Vision that can be used in any quadrant: Process Ore: Mining. It does not even have to be seeded, in case a player needs to be flexible. It is better to seed Taking Charge and once a suitable planet is found, since a maje will be in play from turn 1, the player downloads Process Ore: Mining to one of their seeded missions in any quadrant. Taking Charge even gives a bonus to the personnel at that mission. It should be noted that Process Ore: Mining can be played on the same (Alpha Quadrant) mission where Duck Blind is seeded. That makes two card draws, plus another one from New Arrivals (see below).  It requires personnel who have Anthropology AND Geology in order to work, which fortunately is the case with Ril, who is universal and an Ogla. Since she is universal, she can get boosted by Lower Decks.

The final draw engine that can be used is New Arrivals, if a player plans to use only one of the two report engines. In that case, it is a simple extra card draw at the end of each turn. There are reasons why someone would do that (see below).

Standard Kazon Deck

Kazon Warship

Virtually all Kazon decks have some things in common. Any Kazon deck should use either The Kazon Collective or Voyager as a play engine – or both. Having both does not necessarily make a deck better! It depends on the goal of the deck.  A normal Kazon deck should not be a pure solver. There are other affiliations much better at that. A regular deck should always be prepared to make some points using Boarding Party and if necessary, to kill some enemies.

Normally, a turn includes one card play used for either drawing cards using War Council or to download a Kazon ship and two personnel free plays as well as one hand weapon free play. That is a rather solid flow.  I recommend putting some extra 'free personnel' into the deck such as Dr. Telek R'Mor downloaded using Temporal Micro-Wormhole or One via Study Protonebula. Additionally, I recommend one copy of Assign Support Personnel to either download a Kazon or a Non-Aligned personnel.

Hidden Fighter is a regular download engine for ships in a Kazon deck, either to get Kazon Shuttle or Kazon Fighter. Additionally, I recommend including one Non-Aligned ship that can be downloaded using Hidden Fighter to always have a ship with transporters available.  Any Kazon deck should have a Kazon Warship either seeded or downloaded in turn 1 using Spacedoor to serve as a mobile base for the rest of the game (which means it should never be used for mission attempts). The first ship downloaded using Hidden Fighter should be Kazon Fighter because of the Blue Alert special download. The second download should be Yridian Shuttle, because it can be loaded onto Kazon Warship as well, although it is not Kazon, thanks to Blue Alert. If Blue Alert is seeded, the first download can go straight to the Yridian Shuttle or Kazon Shuttle.

The lack of skills normally has to be compensated using Non-Aligned personnel which is a problem if the Kazon decide to go to another quadrant. There is no regular way to report them then. For that, I strictly recommend only using Non-Aligned personnel when their use is safe, so that they don't die.

Any Kazon deck should use Assign Mission specialists, downloading Non-Aligned personnel. The personnel chosen depends on the missions in that deck.

One way to get Non-Aligned personnel in play, needed for mission solving, is to seed Holodeck Door on Voyager or Kazon Warship. Other copies of Holodeck Door can then be used to download personnel directly to that ship. I recommend downloading Vic Fontaine as quickly as possible. He should then be sent into a mission. (Another copy of Holodeck Door can be played on any other Kazon ship used for the mission attempt, so Vic can exist there) Once Vic is stopped, any personnel (or other card) needed at the moment can be downloaded, for example personnel that can download other personnel as well (e.g. Penk, Anja and so on).

There is one addition that is not only interesting for a Kazon deck, but any deck: to seed Vidiian Sodality to report any MEDICAL-related equipment for free. Most likely Medical Kit, Medical PADD and Medical Tricorder, but also Engineering Tricorder, Science PADD and Hypospray.

Stay tuned for part two of this article series, which will really dig into how to get your Kazon fleet to other quadrants and some other good options for getting additional personnel into play.

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