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Getting Together

by Ross Fertel, Second Edition Brand Manager

15th June 2018

This week’s spotlight is on Terok Nor.  What better expansion to focus on than Unity, an expansion with a whopping one card featuring that icon?


If you’re wondering what’s going on here or if I have a thing for Subek’somec, you’re not out of line, but remember Terok Nor was kind of the first ‘team’ we got.  While the concept wouldn’t really be formally named until later, much later, the concept of cards that work well with each other in a subset of sorts began with this group.



Of course, unlike some of the others that would follow, there were different directions you could take them in.  You could combine the best of the Cardassian and Dominion to brute force our way through the galaxy, focus on your dissidents and work covertly with your limited resources or do something else entirely.


The origins of the concept were sowed years earlier, Unity was an unofficial bookend of sorts to the concept in the virtual era.  But Terok Nor wasn’t the only looked back on.  Deep Space Nine got a dilemma helping to get a key card out to maximize their personnel like Boq’ta who can get a couple extra skills.  Paenol lets the Bajoran Resistance keep things in line with prevention.  There’s also a Battleship Guinan who is so done with free drinks, she is expensive, but you can make her cost efficient in the long term and Worf also continues a Decipher era team with Deep Space Nine’s visit to The Original Series.  Jones keeps up your ability to burn nucleogenic cards for your benefit.  Markus Forbes helps rescue your captured personnel and Sara Fisher is more attuned to your non-human needs.


This wasn’t all, the set also introduced four new teams to have fun with.  The Borg took advantage of the little known Unimatrix Zero, grabbing some mains from Voyager and recruiting Drones for their benefit.  The Dominion began exporting wares across the galaxy, regardless of who wanted them.  The Maquis began strewing events on missions to not only advance their efforts but hinder their opponents.  After making a debut in Infinite Diversity, the Children of Light broke out their holograms to facilitate some neat tricks.


Not for nothing, the Terok Nor ships isn’t entirely left out of the cold.  While the Dilemma removal flavor would be better developed later, this ship that grants it is geared more towards the Dominion, but it can help the entire faction work their wat around some pivotal dilemmas.  While the cost of the ship isn’t exactly on the cheap side, the staffing is a breeze. 


Be being the first team, Terok Nor laid the foundation for the others that would follow.  By taking advantage of each of their components, they were able to show what you could accomplish with a handful of personnel sharing a common theme.

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