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Vidiian Basics (Part 1 of 2): A Beautiful Heart

by Andreas Rheinländer, Special Delta Quadrant Correspondent

5th July 2018

That's what the Vidiians are about. Weaponry, medical technology and everything else is about the advancements necessary to find other sentient beings to harvest their organs. To that end, their ships are powerful, their weapons are effective. This article will deal with general aspects of playing Vidiians.  Let's start with a general overview...

Vidiian Cruiser

Pros and Cons



Play EnginesNadirum

The two main play engines are The Vidiian Sodality and Organ Theft. The Vidiian Sodality is straight forward: once each turn, MEDICAL-classification personnel (or MEDICAL-related equipment) can report for free. Organ Theft requires an opponent's personnel to be used; therefore it is not available from the beginning of the game.  It is currently banned in OTF.

Draw Engines

Vidiians have no specific draw engine. All generic draw engines available to any affiliation are available to them. However, not all of them work very well. I recommend using War Council. The second function of the card is sometimes forgotten, but it has a lot of merits in comparison to Kivas Fajo-Collector. First, it cannot be nullified.  It also cannot be 'shared' using Mirror Image and 4 Treachery can be there in turn 2, although that requires some setup using Non-Aligned cards. However, I always recommend using a small number of Non-Aligned personnel in any Vidiian deck (see below).

The second draw engine possible is using Ancestral Vision. Please see the article about the Kazon, section C) Draw Engines, second paragraph (Ancestral Vision). Everything stated there applies to the Vidiians as well.

Typical Decks

All Vidiian decks have some things in common. Most notably, they all make use of The Vidiian Sodality. A standard Vidiian deck should include at least two Vidiian Cruisers, at least one copy of Vidiian Boarding Claw, two Vidiian Scout Vessels and two copies of Scout Encounter for dilemma seeding. Additionally, Organ Theft should be in the deck or in Q's Tent. Scout Encounter is a cheap and easy way to get out a Vidiian ship in any quadrant along with two crew members for attacking the opponent. Scout Encounter can be seeded at a planet or a space mission. It is preferable to seed it at a space mission because it guarantees a ship there which is then stopped. However, in some instances, one should think about putting it under a planet mission for two reasons: either to use the ship and its personnel during the next turn OR to attack a ship in orbit.

Vidiian Boarding Claw

Why would someone place this ship there to use the personnel during the next turn? Some players like to use Transport Inhibitor to prevent an opponent from being able to beam down in the first place. If one uses a deck with several copies of that equipment and perhaps Bareil and a Temporal Micro-Wormhole, Bareil can, at the start of the next turn, be played aboard the ship (regardless of quadrant), download Transport Inhibitor and the personnel can be beamed down to protect it. This strategy is not exclusive to a Vidiian deck, but it's a good idea to include it (if it fits the general concept of the deck).

Placing the dilemma under a planet mission is recommended when it is foreseeable that a ship (vital to the game) will be there. The most prominent example is Insurrection, which will most likely be used to play (or seed) Collect Metaphasic Particles. At some point, Injector Assembly One will be required to solve the objective – destroying it would ruin a vital advantage provided by Collect Metaphasic Particles.

If Scout Encounter is the last dilemma, it can destroy Injector Assembly One. If an opponent decides to not play it before having cleared all dilemmas, it can be used to attack any other ship in the vicinity, because it is most likely that Rua'fo, who can download all the necessary cards, will not be on the planet. So keeping him from arriving there is an important task at that mission. Since the ship and its crew are downloaded by the dilemma, no work is required to get the cards there by using Wormhole or something else.

During a regular turn, Vidiian Sodality should be used to play Vidiians for free, not the equipment cards. Some Vidiians have a special download for Vidiian Harvester. Other equipment cards can be downloaded using Equipment Replicator (which cannot be seeded in the Delta Quadrant however, see below for more information on the topic).  Normally, a turn includes one card play used for either drawing cards using War Council or to download a Vidiian ship and one personnel free play as well as one hand weapon free play.

Organ Theft

I recommend putting some extra 'free personnel' in the deck: Dr. Telek R'Mor downloaded using Temporal Micro-Wormhole as well as One downloaded at Study Protonebula.  Additionally, I recommend one copy of Assign Support Personnel to either download a Vidiian or a Non-Aligned personnel.

A standard Vidiian deck should not be a pure solver. Other affiliations are much better at that. A regular deck should always be prepared to do some damage using Boarding Claw, killing (or capturing) important personnel. Since Boarding Claw allows access to any ship, even a Borg ship, it should be considered to include Captured and some capture-related cards.

The lack of Law and female personnel normally has to be compensated using Non-Aligned personnel which is a problem if a Vidiian player plans to go to another quadrant. There is no regular way to report them then. For that, I strictly recommend to only use Non-Aligned personnel when their use is safe, in order to prevent their deaths.  Any Vidiian deck should include Assign Mission Specialists with Non-Aligned mission specialists chosen in accordance with the requirements of the missions seeded.

One way to get Non-Aligned personnel in play, needed for mission solving, is to seed Holodeck Door on a seeded ship. Other copies of Holodeck Door can then be used to download personnel directly to that ship. I recommend downloading Vic Fontaine as quickly as possible. He should then be sent into a mission (another copy of Holodeck Door can be played on any other Vidiian ship used for the mission attempt, so Vic can exist there) and once Vic is stopped, any personnel (or other card) needed at the moment can be downloaded, for example personnel that can download other personnel as well (e.g. Penk, Anja and so on).

Finally, any Vidiian ship that normally reports only one personnel for free each turn should include New Arrivals. It guarantees an additional cards draw.

Thank you for reading part 1 of this series.  In part 2, I will look at some of the other options available to a Vidiian deck.

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