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Welcome to Earth Space Nine Week

by Maggie Geppert, Vice Chairman

8th July 2018

Welcome to ES9 week!  Earth has always been a place where our intrepid heroes have returned after daring adventures.  In Conspiracy, bluegills took over and heads exploded.  In Family, Picard started the healing process after assimilation.  In Homefront and Paradise Lost, paranoia took over Starfleet command and allowed a state of martial law to exist.  Voyager was astonished to find a replica of it in the Delta Quadrant.  The Xindi, a Whale Probe and the Borg all attacked it as well.

We have some fun stuff for you this week.  Charlie Plaine will be telling us about ES9 design in Second Edition.  I’ll be checking out basic Cadet and Paranoia decksRoss Fertel will be talking about Balance of Terror.

My guest this week is John Corbett telling us about the Top 5 cards he likes to play with when his headquarters is [ES9].

Now to this week’s contest which comes to us courtesy of Ross Fertel.  Please PM to me (jadziadax8) a founding member of the Federation, besides Earth. The winner will be randomly chosen from the pool of people who name the planet that is least chosen.  (For instance, if Jupiter and Saturn were founding members of the Federation and 8 people named Jupiter and 4 Saturn, then the people chosen would be from the Saturn pool.)  PM me before 11:59 pm CST (that’s -6:00 GMT) on July 14th, 2018.  The randomly selected winner will choose between a themed Second Edition promo card.

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