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Spotlight Contest Results: Romulan Cypher

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

3rd September 2008

Well, we're still quite a few months behind on these contests. I apologize for that. But - as they say - better late than never! The contest asked you to identify several cards based on a piece of the image, and then try to deduce which card was leftover.

The cards that appeared in the image were:
·Spock - 7R113
·Jean-Luc Picard - 8R91
·Mendak - 6P59
·Sela - 0P5
·Alidar Jarok - 1U354
·D'Tan - 10C101
·Nanclus - 14U106
·Galathon - 2R161
·Data - 13R99

Those of you that got the correct answer know that the card was very well chosen: 8C27 Continuing Committee Hearing. While multiple people had the correct answer, our randomly selected winners are Joakim Mäki and Jeff Gartrell. Once we get their addresses, they'll be getting their very own Tragic Turn foils in the mail.

Thanks to everyone for participating in these contests. We'll be having more in the future, and we'll be keeping up with them more efficiently, too.

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