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Welcome to Starfleet Week

by Maggie Geppert, Vice Chairman

19th August 2018

Welcome to Starfleet week! Enterprise is turning into a show with a bit of a cult following.  Whether you love the show from Acquisition to Zero Hour or find that only the fourth season is worth your time (Orion Slave Girls! Vulcans! The mirror universe!), I’m sure everyone can agree that it’s got a great final episode in Terra Prime.

We have some fun stuff for you this week.  Charlie Plaine (MidnightLich) has a design articles for both First Edition and Second Edition.  I’ll be checking out a basic Starfleet decks in both editions.  Finally, Ross Fertel will be discussing the most dreaded of virtual expansions, Peak Performance.

This week’s Top 5 video in features Starfleet Guru and one of my good friends, Michael Moskop (Comicbookhero).

Who’s willing to get really silly for this week’s contest?

Film yourself singing a couple of bars of “Faith of the Heart” and share it with the TrekCC community.  Please post your video to the thread attached to this article before 11:59 pm CDT (that’s -5:00 GMT) on August 25th, 2018.  The randomly chosen winner will choose a themed First Edition or Second Edition promo card.

Discuss this article in this thread.

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