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So, I'm a New/Old First Edition Player, Starfleet Edition

by Maggie Geppert, Vice Chairman

21st August 2018

Malcolm Reed: Maybe that's the problem! Maybe we're getting a bit too comfortable with losing people. 23 men and women! On any given mission, the limits of acceptable casualties is 20%. So says traditional military doctrine. Well, we've crossed that margin!

T'Pol: There's a Vulcan axiom: "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few." Corporal Hawkins understood that.

Malcolm Reed: That doesn't make his death any more acceptable.

T'Pol: No. But it makes it honorable.

                                                                        -from “The Council”

In this series, I will show off some beginner level decks that people have sent to me.  Today’s deck is James Heaney’s “Proving Ground (Or: M.A.C.O. Is The Best 2E Conversion Ever)” This is a version of Niall Matthew's Space Scotsman deck, for reference.


MACO Training Camp

In order to understand the mission selection in this deck, you must first look at the Starfleet Outpost, which allows you to special download UFP: One Small Step. Along with a couple of other really cool effects, this card allows you to attempt non-homeworld [Fed] missions.  This is important because Starfleet only has 19 missions with its icon on it.  The selection in this deck is all [Fed] except for Survival Training, which is where you will seed MACO Training Camp, your time location.  The other two planet missions, Avert Solar Implosion and Visit Peaceful Colony, are fairly close in skill selection, being of the anthropology + diplomacy type.  The space missions, Explore Dyson Sphere, Fissure Research and Study Rare Phenomenon, are more ENGINEER and SCIENCE oriented.

Other Seeds

MACO Training Camp is an amazing time location.  First off, you get a free report of a MACO, who can then be relocated to you NX-class ship.  Let me make that clear – you can move your personnel right to your ship without having to make the time-travel back.  This will be on top of your Protect the Timeline free report.  You also have the option of downloading Military Assault Command Operations once each turn in place of your normal card play.  There’s only one copy of that card in this deck because you can retrieve it from your discard pile!  I also like that even though they’re not in the deck, you could play Porthos and the Osmotic Eel here (oh, the mental picture of Porthos chasing after the MACOs on the Moon’s surface). As a complement to all these free reports, Finally Ready to Swim grants you a card draw whenever you play a 22nd-Century personnel.

Jeremiah Hayes

I’m still trying to figure out what the optimal strategy for using Gold! is (teehee, it’s a talkie!).  Right off the bat, my 2E brain is trying to combo this with my dilemmas with a random selection.  Then I realized that’s a difficult trick to pull off in 1E, since the dilemmas are set in place.  You can’t be sure that your opponent will face a random selection dilemma while they possess this card.  I suppose you could try going the route of having all your dilemmas being random selection, but this deck doesn’t do that.  As far as I can tell, only Spatial Rift, Murasaki Effect and Subspace Shock Wave involve random selections.  A more reliable dilemma booster is Shades of Gray: Brutality, which boosts the Barclay’s Protomorphosis Disease and Tsiolkovsky Infection in this deck. 

Draw Deck

A good many of the personnel in this deck are MACOs, which is important because you want to be able to get them out en masse using Military Assault Command Operations.  Jeremiah Hayes is a great representative of a MACO in this deck.  First off, he would probably be my choice for a Defend Homeworld downHe has Leaderships is no other leaders are present, the unusual skill of OFFICER and downloads one of the suite of Combat Ready: cards, this one being Tactical Reserve.  Other cards in this family are Solidarity, Tense Situation and Jury-rig.  They all help your MACOs in some way and can be downloaded by different personnel.  I would be tempted to make Hayes my Defend Homeworld download, but then I saw that Hideaki Chang makes all MACOs here attributes +1, so I think he would be my go-to instead.

What I’ve Learned from This Deck

MACOs are fast and powerful.  I now understand why they’ve been popular lately. And speaking as a 2EBC conversion fangirl, I must concur with James that they did a great job converting the MACOs from 2E to 1E template.

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This deck is legal in the following Card Pools:

This deck is legal in the following Rules Sets:

This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:

Mission (6)
37 V1x Avert Solar Implosion
R1x Explore Dyson Sphere
R1x Fissure Research
22 V1x Study Rare Phenomenon
40 V1x Survival Training
49 V1x Visit Tranquil Colony

Seed Deck (30)
1 V1x Assimilated Vessel
59 VP2x Barclay's Protomorphosis Disease
R1x Cytherians
U1x Dead End
3 V1x Exact Change
U1x Firestorm
U1x In the Pale Moonlight
4 V1x Jol Yichu'!
6 V1x Murasaki Effect
8 V1x Quantum Leap
23 C1x Spatial Rift
8 C1x Subspace Shock Wave
13 V1x The Ghost of Cyrus Ramsey
R1x Tsiolkovsky Infection
20 V1x Alternate Universe Door
1 V1x Q's Tent
1 V2x Quantum Incursions
15 V1x Temporal Conduit
9 V1x Finally Ready to Swim
17 V1x Shades of Gray: Brutality
18 V1x Starfleet Outpost
16 V1x Crossover
23 V1x Gold!
25 V1x Launch Bay
20 V1x Protect the Timeline
18 V1x Assign Mission Specialists
28 V1x Defend Homeworld
Time Location
90 V1x MACO Training Camp

Draw Deck (34)
19 V1x Decontamination
21 V1x Military Assault Command Operations
R1x Regenerate
20 V1x UFP: One Small Step
68 V3x Amanda Cole
53 V1x Charles Tucker III
43 V1x Corporal Scott
39 V1x Dallas
70 V1x Fiona McKenzie
71 V1x Hideaki Chang
44 V1x Hoshi Sato (Straight and Steady)
72 V1x Jeremiah Hayes
51 P1x Jonathan Archer
51 V1x Major Reed
76 V1x Markus Forbes
101 VP1x Maxwell Forrest
79 V3x Nelson Kemper
80 V1x Phlox (Broken Bow)
52 V1x Private Brown
53 V1x Private Palmer
81 V2x Sascha Money
82 V3x Sean Hawkins
54 V1x Sergeant Mayweather
55 V2x Sergeant Moreno
55 P1x T'Pol
51 V1x Columbia

Q-Tent Side Deck (13)
17 V1x Combat-Ready: Solidarity
18 V1x Combat-Ready: Tense Situation
20 V1x Grappler: Shuttlepod Retrieval
12 V1x We're Ready
27 V1x Sickbay: Menagerie
27 V1x Warp Speed Transfer
28 V1x Combat-Ready: Jury-Rig
29 V1x Combat-Ready: Tactical Reserve
U1x Rescue Captives
U1x Vulcan Mindmeld
53 VP1x Enterprise
87 V1x Shuttlepod One
88 V1x Shuttlepod Two

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