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Coming in September: Will of the Collective V!

by Lucas Thompson, Ambassador

22nd August 2018

The Will of the Collective series is an opportunity for the Star Trek CCG community to help design a card... collectively. There have been three Second Edition cards produced this way: All-Consuming Evil, Virtual Reality Headset, and Harry Mudd. First Edition players also produced a Harry Mudd, and have also created a Joran in February (this card is planned for release in an expansion that is due in late 2018/early 2019).

Cards prior to Joran were produced in a long-form format that involved lots of deliberation and debate, but Joran was something different. Through a series of forum polls, running from January 1/17 through February 2/9, Joran's characteristics were quickly and efficiently decided. It was fun to participate in, and produced an interesting card for a character for that may not have otherwise been made.

This September, Will of the Collective returns to Second Edition, with a similar format. We're going to make a Shelby! Well, not Shelby in particular, we've already got one of her. But we're going to make a personnel like Shelby - unique, with skills, attributes, icons, and maybe keywords, but no ability. Shelby is perfectly useful without an ability, and abilities are where prior Wills of the Collective have gotten bogged down. As with Joran, we're going to keep this project fast and fun.

The normal disclaimers apply: after we make this card, it will still need to go through playtesting, just like any other card. And, like Joran, it will need to wait its turn for a set to come out in after playtesting is done. Even the production of a simple personnel without an ability can get messy!

The current plan is to start with character nominations on Tuesday, September 4th. Be sure to stay tuned to the Second Edition forums!

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