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Spotlight Contest Results: Dissident Diversity

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

3rd September 2008

Do you remember the Terok Nor contest? We asked you to figure out which actors and actresses that played Dissidents on Star Trek played other characters in shows of a different genre. How well did you do?

Rene Auberjonois played Odo, but he also was the voice of The Mechanist on Avatar: The Last Airbender. Cirroc Lofton played Jake Sisko, but also played Reed on the short-lived series Invasion. Nana Visitor famously played Kira Nerys, but just recently had a turn as Emily Kowalski on the current version of Battlestar Galactica.

Rom was played by Max Grodénchik, who briefly played a character named Skuldar on Sliders. The lovely Melanie Smith, who played Tora Ziyal, once played Karina on the hilarious The Adventures of Brisco County, Junior. And last, but certainly not least (and probably the easiest), was Armin Shimmerman, who played Quark on Deep Space 9, but also played Principal Snyder on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Did you know he did both at the same time?

Francis Koziolek and Matthew Thomas are our winners for this penultimate Spotlight Series Contest. They'll both be receiving Tragic Turn foils in short order. Congrats to them, and thanks to everyone that entered any of these contests over the past summer!

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