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Texas Chainsaw Masters II Schedule & Prizes

by John Corbett, Prophet of Kahless

25th August 2018

Hello Warriors. November is soon upon us and I hear the call of the Kahless. I hope you saved the date, because November 8th thru 11th, in Denison TX, will be Texas Chainsaw Masters 2. This year sponsored by NLY Building Services Ltd.

At the moment that sponsorship deal, inked by CEO Nick Yankovec, is worth 500 British pounds. I have no clue what that is in real money, but my lawyers say it's still CASH MAD MONEY!

Those who came last year know the drill. Everything for this weekend event is provided for here at the Corbett Compound. Food, lodging, etc. All you have to do is get here.

Here's a brief breakdown of the prizes. But like last year, expect another article with more prizes. Word is a "package" from Florida is coming. And we're always "selling" the naming rights to the Wiffleball Field and Murder Pond to generate more prizes money.

1E Global Championship (Final Confrontation)

1st $75

2nd $25

Random Prize $25

Texas Tribbles Masters

1st $25

2nd thru 6th $20

2E Lifeboat Event (Women & Children)

1st $20

2nd $15

3rd $10

4th $5

Tribbles Team Event

$30 to winning team

2E Fun Deck Challenge

1st (VP + Fun Points) $25

2E Global Championship (% of the remaining prize pool) 

Top 4- 50% ($151), 25%, 15%, 15%

Top 5- 45%, 20%, 15%, 15%, 5%

Top 6- 40%, 25%, 10%, 10%, 5%, 5%

Here's the full schedule (subject to change)-


4:30pm- Opening Ceremonies

We salute The Unforgettable. Remain Klingon!

5:00pm- Dinner

6:45pm- 2E Team Event

3 rounds, 3-player teams. Format: Extreme Highlander. Only one copy of a card allowed, per team! If this format makes you angry, blame Seattle.

11:30pm- Gentlemen's Lounge

Cigars and Scotch by the fire. Ladies always welcome of course.

11:45pm- Boardgames

Games on site: Spartacus, Firefly, Arkham Horror, Twilight Imperium (3rd), and all the classics.


9:00am- Continental Breakfast

10:00am- 1E Texas Chainsaw Masters

4 rounds + Final Confrontation. OTF Format (1E Global Championship). $$$$ cash mad money prizes!

10:00am- 2E Lifeboat (Women & Children)

3 rounds. Women & Children (17 & under) only. $$$$ cash mad money prizes!

1:00pm- Lunch

3:00pm InterContinental Tribbles Qualifier

Winner gets a shot at the new belt!

3:00pm OTSD Ironman

3 rounds. When a card is discarded (except dilemmas), it is torn in half (cannot be used again). Players are allowed to replenish from their original sealed supply after each round.

6:00pm- Dinner

10:30pm- Are You A Werewolf? Around the campfire…. Spoooky!

11:30pm- Poker Room- Cash Game

11:30pm- Board Games- For the non-degenerate gamblers.


9:00am- Breakfast

10:00am- 2E Texas Chainsaw Masters

5 rounds. Hall of Fame Format. Top 25%, round up, qualify for the Global Championship (must use same deck).

1:00pm- Lunch Break

3:00pm- Wiffleball, The Kahless Kup @ Kinney Field

5:00pm Dinner

Super steak Spectacular!!!

6:00pm 2E Global Championship

Single Elimination Bracket. CASH MAD MONEY Prizes!

10:00pm- Tribbles Texas Chainsaw Masters

2 rounds, 6 players qualify for final table. $$$$ Cash mad money prizes!

11:30pm Lounge/Board Games/Poker


9:00am Continental Breakfast

10:00am- Team Tribbles Event

Team size will equal the # of tables. Highest combined score wins.

11:30am- 2E Fun Deck Challenge

3 rounds. After each game, You award 1-4 extra VP's (Fun Points) based on how "cool, fun, interesting" your opponent's deck is. Don't bring the jank. $$$$ Cash Mad Money prizes.

3:00pm- Lunch/Closing Ceremony

We will sing the songs of the victorious for Kahless to hear and send the dishonored to Fek'lhr's Murder Pond.

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