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Favorite Klingon Episodes

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

3rd September 2008

Back when we revealed the results of our Klingon Spotlight Series contest, we asked each of you to send in your favorite Klingon episodes for a chance to win a Tragic Turn foil. Well, only five of you chose to respond, so we'll be sending all five a foil!

Jared Hoffman named Enterprise's "Affliction" as his favorite Klingon episode, saying it had "good characters and good way to fill in the back story (or make one up really) about the change in Klingon appearance from TOS through Voyager."

Ben Rostoker chose The Next Generation episode "A Matter of Honor" as his favorite. "This is my favorite Klingon episode because this was one of the first episodes I saw that really showed the culture of the Klingons. Up until this point most episodes I had seen depicted the Klingons as non-stop crazy warriors who hated peace. This episode made them more real to me as it showed the many different sides to them. It also gave us a glimpse into the inner workings of the Empire on a micro scale and what honor truly meant for them. I think this episode should also gain credit for the fantastic way DS9 handled the Klingon and their ships during it's run and in that way this episode is even more important and thus remains one of the favorite episodes overall and my favorite Klingon episode."

Jeff Gartrel also chose a Next Gen episode - "Redemption" - saying: "It's got Worf son of Mogh, Duras sisters, tons of battle, who could ask for anything more?" Nicholas Roche also chose the same episode, saying "Worf earns his Klingon heritage back after willingly, but wrongfully, losing it in SINS OF THE FATHER. Then we see him get to kick ass against not only the Romulans but the Duras sisters and Toral."

Finally, Thomas Vorwerk chose Deep Space Nine's "Looking for Par'Mach in All the Wrong Places" as his favorite. He said: "1. It has Quark and Worf and Jadzia and Grillka in it, some of the best Klingon affiliation peeps you can get. 2. It makes clever use of 'Cyrano de Bergerac', but this time the 'little helper' doesn't help with poetry but with the handling of the Bat'leth, which somehow tells us a lot about Klingon courtship. 3. It has a great title, which I always assumed to be derived from Shakespeare, but Google and Project Gutenberg could not confirm this..."

Thanks to everyone who participated!

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