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So, I'm a New/Old First Edition Player, Khan Edition

by Maggie Geppert, Vice Chairman

8th September 2018

Khan: Joachim?

Joachim: Yours... is... superior...

Khan: I shall avenge you.

                                                                        -from “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”

In this series, I will show off some beginner level decks that people have sent to me.  Today’s deck is “Khan Speed-Solver” by J.D. Ashley.


Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

This is another deck involving time travel, so you need a place to put your personnel from the past.  The time location for this deck is Camp Khitomer, which seeds at Khitomer Research.  This will allow one of your [CF] [1E-AU] personnel to report for free once per turn.  Your other reporting mechanic is Cold Station 12, which allows cards with Khan in title or lore to report here.  You need to seed it at a [SF] mission, so Intercept Dignitary is your only choice here for that.  I like how this mission will let you nullify a Scheme card when you solve.  Given the current meta’s love of Vulcans, this is a great choice.  There are a couple of other great thematic missions for a Khan deck.  Genesis Planet and Vanquish Enemy are in the same Mutara Region.  Genesis Planet is a tough mission to solve, given the requirement of CUNNING > 42, so it may not be people’s top choice, given it only gets you 35 points.  However, Vanquish Enemy gets you 50 points and allows you to throw a couple of tactics on your opponent’s ship if they’re unwise enough to go there.  Be careful, because they can hit you back if they’re stocking a Battle Bridge as well.  Finally, Revenge Plot (it’s a Dish Best Served Cold after all) and Study Cometary Cloud are solid mission choices attemptable by [NA] personnel.

Other Seeds

I’d like to start this with some things this deck doesn’t contain.  There is no Q’s Tent, Tribunal of Q, Assign Mission Specialists, Assign Support Personnel or Defend Homeworld.  Rhis deck relies on seeding Khan and getting out free personnel to your U.S.S. Reliant via Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold, as well as those Camp Khitomer reports mentioned before.  It also uses Facilitate Peace Talks to download Treaty: Federation/Klingon.  The personnel selection is highly thematic, but no one likes a house arrest situation.  Taking Charge is also in here, but mostly just to boost the attributes of the personnel at Khitomer accords.  There are no Objectives in the deck that are appropriate for the second download function.  I would suspect that Khitomer is the first mission you want to solve and also where you want to seed the Genesis Device

There aren’t many new dilemmas here.  For those of you following the 2EBC saga along at home, you may notice that a not yet converted Sympathetic Magic is here.  I have no idea how this dilemma should work on First Edition, so I initially looked up the conversion rules:

Ceti Eel

Each damage card on a ship reduces its HULL integrity by 35%. This effect is the same whether you are using rotation damage (one "hit" plus any two damager cards would destroy a ship) or Tactic cards (the effects of the damage markers are added to those of the Second Edition damage cards). 

This helped a little bit, but I still needed the text of the Dilemma Resolution Guide for help:

If you have no ship at this mission, AT is “stopped”; discard dilemma. If not, make choice: • AT is “stopped”; discard dilemma. • Place dilemma on ship as a damage marker (RANGE: -2, WEAPONS: -2, SHIELDS: -2, Hull: -35%); AT is not “stopped” and must continue to next dilemma.

Draw Deck

There are a number of [Fed] personnel in this deck, which could be problematic, since Khan won’t work with them.  However, the large number of Ceti Eels (eeeewwww!) stocked in the deck will allow your Captain Spock, Captain Sulu or Mr. Scott to work in this deck just fine.  You also need to put them on your [Kli] personnel, or else they'll be discarded by RIADBSC.  Those Eels do reduce attributes, but that is somewhat mitigated by Facilitate Peace Talks, at least at Khitomer.  Sarod lets you draw a card for those Eels, too.  Another card stocked in large quantity is Temporal Shifting.  I assume it’s here to be played on oneself as a draw engine.  I love how you could use Spock as the discard then bring him back to life to be played.  *giggle* If you that you have discarded too many folks to temporal shift, you can always Regenerate to bring all of them back.

What I’ve Learned from This Deck

Ceti Eels are still gross.

Discuss this article in this thread.


Print DecklistCopy Deck

This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:

Mission (6)
11 P 141x Genesis Planet
23 V1x Intercept Dignitary
R1x Khitomer Research
43 V1x Revenge Plot
P1x Study Cometary Cloud
13 V1x Vanquish Enemy

Seed Deck (30)
1 R1x The Genesis Device
3 R1x "God"
1 V1x Assimilated Vessel
U1x Dead End
4 V1x Devastating Communique
4 V1x Distracted by Thoughts of Home
4 R1x Executive Authorization
11 P1x Female's Love Interest & Garbage Scow
7 V1x Friendly Fire
5 C1x I Hate You
12 V2x Lack of Preparation
19 VP1x Personal Duty
8 V2x Quantum Leap
23 C1x Spatial Rift
1 R 511x Sympathetic Magic
25 R1x The Cloud
10 R1x V'Ger
C1x Alternate Universe Door
C1x Battle Bridge Door
P1x Space-Time Portal
14 V1x Duck Blind
14 V1x Cold Station 12
20 V1x Protect the Timeline
28 V1x Taking Charge
14 V1x Facilitate Peace Talks
33 U1x Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Cold
97 R+1x Khan
Time Location
89 VP1x Camp Khitomer

Site (6)
C1x Cargo Bay
C1x Docking Ports
U1x Guest Quarters
C1x Ops
R1x Quark's Bar
U1x Security Office

Draw Deck (62)
17 V 231x Coordinated Counterattack
R1x Regenerate
SR1x Regenerate
57 VP1x Surprise Party
43 P1x Temporal Shifting
37 VP11x Temporal Shifting
U1x The Traveler: Transcendence
18 U1x To Be or Not to Be
C1x Treaty: Federation/Klingon
19 C12x Ceti Eel
C1x Asteroid Sanctuary
C4x Devidian Foragers
110 U1x Divert Power
37 R+1x Ambassador Sarek
38 R+1x Captain Spock
171 VP1x Captain Sulu
43 R+1x Commander Chekov
44 R1x Commander Rand
61 R+1x Mr. Scott (The Motion Pictures)
70 R1x Brigadier Kerla
73 R+1x Chancellor Gorkon
75 R+1x General Chang
84 R+1x Kruge
41 V1x Allamill
43 V1x David Marcus (Life From Lifelessness)
96 R1x Joachim
99 C3x Mas'ud
104 C5x Sarod
107 C2x Wajahut
121 R+1x Kronos One
88 VP1x U.S.S. Reliant

Battle-Bridge Side Deck (10)
129 C10x Target Warp Field Coils

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