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Now Recruiting for War Games

by Ross Fertel, Second Edition Brand Manager

8th October 2018

For those of you following the set update thread on the boards, you know that we’ve been working on paired preconstructed decks.  Magic calls them Duel Decks, but they are made to go against each other. 


Normally I would assign some of the staff to do it, but a lot of them are busy working on other projects, so I’m opening this up to the community.  Ideal candidates are willing to work with diverse points of view while meeting deadlines to deliver a superior experience.  They will also be expected to participate in the playtesting process associated with these decks.  I’m looking for a solid final product and that only happens if I have a strong team.


Ultimately, I am looking for pairs of decks that can go together for epic matchups.  They can either be connected thematically (DS9 vs. Terok Nor for example) or even better, gameplay (Maquis vs. Event destruction, Ferengi Commodity vs. Dominion Commodity).  If we get epic throwdowns in each of the games, it’s a job well done.


Note that while this project might, and I emphasize the word might, result in new cards, the goal of this is to make duel decks, not new cards.  I’m not opposed to the final product having some, either AIs or bona fide new cards, but those will not necessarily be done by this team.  Rather, they will be done by the design team (along with Rules, Creative, etc.) just like any other new cards.  Also, this will add time to when it is delivered to the public.


Interested candidates should send a PM with a subject Project War Games to me (Faithful Reader) with your name, region, favorite deck (and why), why you are a great fit for this project (10 words max) and favorite Star Trek guest star (and why).  Send this to me by the end of the month, October 31.


You won’t necessarily be starting from scratch, though.  A team did some preliminary work and you are free to use their work at your discretion.  Either way, it will be available to you.


Join me for Project War Games!

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